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Howdy and Welcome to The Original Windmill Ceiling Fan Company

Our windmill fans are unique and handcrafted right in the heart of Texas. Each fan is constructed of durable, steel, and lightweight aluminum making existing supports and electrical service perfect for simple installation. Perfect for interior or exterior placements.  Homes, businesses, restaurants, and event spaces. Whether you are looking for a rustic windmill ceiling fan, farmhouse, modern or contemporary we have the design for you."

  • Easy Installation - standard ceiling supports and electrical

  • Each fan is unique and one of a kind

  • Handcrafted and American made

  • Eighteen Blades for optimal balancing (14 blades on the 46")

  • Available in 46", 52", 60", 66", 72", 84" and 96" diameter sizing

  • Efficient motor integration design

  • Minimal assembly required

  • Constructed only of quality steel and aluminum

  • Multiple Speeds

  • Free consultation and advice

  • The accessory Kit includes everything needed for installation

  • Family owned and operated

  • Endless Custom Finishes

  • Additional design options are available

    • Leather, Cowhide, Feathers, Barb wire are available options - Click to View

    • Custom Branding can be added to a variety of locations on the fans

    • Lighting is available - Click to View

  • Fan weight is approx 40 to 60lbs depending on the size and finish

  • Real Windmill design for great historical airflow

We are the only Windmill Ceiling Fan Company that provides the unique aluminum lightweight design and custom finishes.  Please view our Client Photos for previous work.

Note: Our fans are not mass-produced.  Each of our windmill ceiling fans are hand-crafted, they might have slight variances and the rings may not be perfectly round or flat, very similar to an actual windmill in a pasture.

Finish Options

Client Photos


The Original Windmill Ceiling Fan Company 


We grew up in small communities working our family farms in Iowa and Kansas.  The values and lessons we learned from the hard-working farming lifestyle and our strong, solid families drives us today.  We take pride in our Windmill Ceiling Fans and the superior service we provide. Both our grandfathers often said “a person is only as good as his word”.  You have our word – you will love your fan from The Original Windmill Ceiling Fan Company.  We’ll be happy to help you with questions and special requests to make sure your Windmill Ceiling Fan purchase is one of the best you’ve ever made.

Call us in Pilot Point, Texas.

Phillip & Kelly Eggers
President & CEO

"We added multiple fans in our restaurant to help keep our space cooler for our customers.  We get so many great comments about the way they look and we don’t have any more comments about being too hot!! Thank You Windmill Ceiling Fan Co."  ~Derrick, Texas

"WE LOVE OUR FAN – it is the design show stopper in our home!"  ~ Stephanie, South Dakota

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What our clients say about us?

Customer satisfaction is a primary goal for our company. To that end, we are passionate about talking with each client individually and surpassing the expectations of our FAN- ILY. But don't take our word for it; listen to what our customers had to say. 


Paul F

"We purchased our fan for our event venue, and from the initial visit over the phone to the purchase and then the arrival of the fan, things could not have gone better! The fan was exceptional and was exactly what we wanted and what was offered. We had the motor on the fan have one of the internal parts go bad,(not the companies fault, but a component). It was replaced to us within 3 days and runs fine. Phil, (the bosses) husband, was available for help quickly and efficiently. He even went the extra mile to fly 250 miles to ensure we were happy with our fans. He didn't have to do this; he and this company are complete class. We would give them the highest marks for workmanship, service, and worth every dime we spent. They are Numero Uno for fan sales. You won't be disappointed." - Paul F

Alison Vilendre Amundson

Alison A

"Y'all make really nice windmill fans!!! We love it!!! Thanks again for all the communication and fantastic craftsmanship!" -Alison A. -June 2020

Governor 25

Whitney L.

"Love, love, love my windmill ceiling fan!! It was one of my splurges when we built, and I wouldn't trade it! The Windmill Ceiling Fan Co. is the best of the best!

We built our house a little over a year ago, and this was one of my splurges. I was so nervous because I wanted it to be great! Kelly and her husband worked diligently to make sure I was happy with our purchase! I would recommend this company to anyone...if you want a really cool windmill fan that EVERYONE who walks through your door comments about, CALL THEM!!! From beginning to end....the people and our buying experience were TOP NOTCH! THANK YOU for being so great!!" -Whitney L. - Boyd, TX - September 2019



“In October, we purchased our first fan from these folks. From the initial call to placing the order, to delivering the fan on time, we were thrilled. We opened the complete fan and were in awe immediately. The workmanship was wonderful, fans looked exactly as they show on their advertisement. Everyone wants high quality, and we were not disappointed at all. Top-of-the-line company that will make you smile. They care about those that buy from them. I highly recommend them.” - Paul



Tim F

"Great product and exceptional customer service!"- Tim F. - Aubudon, IA - December 2021

Weathered Texas Turquoise 24

Bobby P.

"What an incredible company!!!!"- Bobby P. - December 2020

Screen Shot 2022-10-09 at 12.17.16 PM


"I absolutely love this fan! Customer service is Excellent! I’d give them 10 stars if I could!"- Rhonda, June 2021

Tarnished Tin 79



"I love this much; I ordered a 2nd one! 💜"- Megan, September 2021

Patina Copper 113


"This ceiling fan exceeded my expectations and gets positive comments from everyone who enters my home."- Robert, October 2021

Tarnished Tin 95


"Our ceiling fan is perfection. Great customer service as well."- Cassie, November 2021


Kori G.

"We finally have installed fans in our home!!! They are so beautiful that I could cry. Hope you are well and look forward to hearing from you!!!"- Kori G. -Youngstown, OH - November 2022


Kelly V.

"They did it again! Thank you to windmill ceiling fans for bringing our design to life with this amazing custom oil-rubbed bronze & copper 72” beauty for our Ida-Home! Family Owned & Operated, Made in the USA 🇺🇸 We’re Huge Fans! 🥳" - Kelly V. -Idaho, November 2022

Patina Copper 102

Susan M.

"We got the fan installed! The fan really adds a wow factor to our home! Thank you again!"- Susan M. - Fayetteville, TN - November 2022

Matte Black 96

Mike M.

"The fan is monolithic, super quiet, and emits a cool summer breeze in our room."- Mike M. -Albuquerque, NM - November 2022

Train Station 11

Stacee B.

"WOW!!! Gorgeous fan!! I can’t wait to see it up. We are super excited about our fan!!"- Stacee B. - Cleveland TX - September 2022


Colleen M.

"Here's my fan, I love it! It is so cool, and all the directions were great. Thank you!" -Colleen M. - Bend, OR - September 2022

Matte Black 95

Tina and Julian

"Words cannot express how magnificent our ceiling fan is -- it's installed, and we are very jazzed. Simply gorgeous and fits perfectly into our home. Thank you for taking the time to personally send us the card. We are impressed with every aspect of your business. The shipping and packing you have in place for your company are outstanding. Well done!! Thank you; thank you again!! We are impressed with you and your folks. Please share our appreciation with everyone that created our piece!" - Cheers, Tina and Julian



"Awesome how the ceiling fan fits in with the metal bathtub and metal top console. We love this fan!"- D.B. -Prescott, AZ - November 2022

IMG_2706 (1)

Richard R.

"Double the GREATNESS!!!! Kelly, these fans are GREAT!! They make enough air movement without running them on high."- Richard R. - August 2022

image (2)

Scott H.

"We love love love our ceiling fan, Kelly!! if you ever need pics of our beautiful fan in our brand-new house to show off...I'm your biggest fan (no pun intended)!!"- Scott H. Kirtland Hills, OH- July 2022

Matte Black 37

John F.

"Just wanted to let you know that after months of storing our new fan and waiting to complete my new log home, it was finally installed last week. Couldn't be more pleased not, only does it look great, but the amount of air that it moves is incredible. Needless to say, we love it! Thank you so much for your help in ordering it and for furnishing such an awesome addition to my log home."- John F. - Sydney, NY - July 2022


Kari D.

"We got our fan. It’s almost installed completely. We’re in love!! Looks great."- Kari D. - July 2022


Kurt R.

"Windmill ceiling fan all installed, very simple. The pictures don’t quite capture how great it looks in our house. This is definitely the focal point in our home. Thank you for all your work and putting a smile on our faces."- Kurt R. -Janesville, WI - June 2022



Ron + Jamie Gettemy

"Here are photos of the beautiful fans you built for us they are exactly what our space needed, they look like they have always been there! The “Stockyard Social Hall” as we call it, its an 1870 railroad stock warehouse that we converted to an event place.Thank you!"- Ron + Jamie Gettemy, Stockyard Social Hall in Oakland, OR - June 2022


Dave B.

"Thank you, if you need any more shots, different angles or light just let me know,  we love our fan, everyone that walks in immediately is looking up at it, Thank you!"- Dave B. -Harrodsburg, Kentucky - January 2022

Matte Black 55

Bill C.


Finally got things organized enough to send a photo. We really enjoy it!"- Bill C. - January 2022


Dan and Sarah H.

"Good morning. Finally finished our Gathering room and wanted to share with you some photos. Fan looks amazing! Thank you so much!"- Dan and Sarah H.- Timberlake, Ohio- January 2022

received_298714072192423 (2)

Bill Lester

"Bragged to everyone how amazing y’all made the blades look weathered. It really does look incredible."- Bill Lester, OK - January 2022


Karen D.

"Got them in, thank you so much absolutely stunning!!"- Karen D. - April 2022

Matte Black 53


"We love 💕 it.Thank you! "- Deena


Matte Black 58

Stephanie M.

"Sure love ours. With 19 ft ceilings, it is great circulating the heat from our wood stove to create an evenly warm home. Ours is 7 ft fan."- Stephanie M.

Matte Black 35


"Kelly and her team were amazing to work with - from ordering to installation! Very professional and dedicated staff. You can reach them anytime!"- Bonnie, New York

Weathered Barn Red 42

Fred and Jolene

"It's great... we're not moved in but several people who stopped in.. looked around and then looked up and they said, Wow look at that... its big... nice..We enjoy it... quiet, and it fakes you out on how much air it moves. Our electrician and contractor were both impressed!Thanks!"- Fred and Jolene


Weathered Burnt Umber 22

"Our beautiful fan, You all were such a pleasure to do business with; thank you so much!"



"We finally got the fan up! It is simply incredible! I’ve included some pictures so you can take a look at it. It fits perfect in our home and my husband absolutely was surprised and loves it! The electrician who installed it said it was beautiful and he’s never seen anything like it! We chatted about my concern regarding the lighting and I will say it gives a great ambiance to our vaulted ceiling! Thank you so much for your help!" -Rosie, Indiana 

Weathered Rust Grey with Patina Bronze Tips 15


"I have received my fan and I would like to say it’s outstanding. Your all’s service is top notch and I really appreciate being kept informed. Great doing business with you all and will recommend you guys to anyone. Thanks again!"- Donnie

The Rip 9


"The fan rocks!!! It looks amazing. Thanks again - we love it!"- Deana



"We installed four Weathered Antique White fans for our client. Being able to change and customize the colors/finishes of the fans to match our clients' specific color scheme made my job easy! Thanks for making me look good in my customer's eyes."- Hannah, Florida


"We're so in love with our fan! It looks amazing and I can't believe how much air it gives off even on the very low setting. We're very happy that we chose your family company to build our fan. We now have an amazing focal point in our living room beside the fireplace 🙂 Thank you for helping me to make the right choice of colors. You got it right on! I've attached many pictures (because it looks great from so many angles). I'm excited to tell you that Lok n Logs will be coming to tour our home when it's done and they will be bringing a videographer and photographer... We'll make sure they know the fan came from you! Thanks so much!"

Weathered Texas Turquoise 29

We got it up and running yesterday!
It is beautiful! Thank you ☺️



"I just wanted to say we love the fan! Every contractor that comes into our home compliments it! Thanks so much!"- Sarah

Weathered Texas Turquoise 24


"I can't believe the air that puts off even on the lowest setting!! It's going to be so nice in the summer! I will do that for sure. Thanks again for your amazing craftsmanship!! I couldn't be happier!! Oh BTW, I love love love the uplighting! Such a great idea!!"- Connie

Screen Shot 2022-10-13 at 8.21.46 AM

"I just finished installing our Original Windmill Ceiling Fan. My wife literally looked for months for the right ceiling fixture - and when she almost settled for something else - she found WCF. Install was a breeze (even with my wife telling me to hurry). The fixture is truly a handsome original, a piece of art and extremely well-made. Communication from order to delivery was exceptional. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED and worth every penny."

Barn Metal 174

Mark S.

"Love our Fan! It was easy to install! Looks great!"- Mark S.


Don and Jen Prachnau

"Our fan arrive to British Columbia today, to stay its absolutely beautiful would be an understatement ! Your company has blown us away, from the first conversation with you guys to the delivery of the fan, this has been a flawless transaction. You guys are amazing! We can’t thank you enough, this fan will be treasured in our new house."- Don and Jen Prachnau- British Columbia - April 2022

Governor 23


"Y’all did a great job! Everybody loves it!!"- Stacey

Barn Metal 197


"I’m so in love with my ceiling fan. I cant Thank you enough for all your help and know my fiancé would have loved it so much. So thankful to find ways to still make him part of our home. Here is a few pictures of it hanging in our home. The house isn’t completely done but getting there."- Kim


"It’s already up and running. It looks awesome. Thanks so much. We love it."- Lynette

Barn Metal 150


We added multiple fans in our restaurant to help keep our space cooler for our customers. We get so many great comments about the way they look and we don’t have any more comments about being too hot!! Thank You Windmill Ceiling Fan Co."- Derrick, Texas


Brett P.

"The fan looks perfect!! Thank you! Attached are some photos of our Mountain Cabin, including some of our installed original windmill ceiling fan!" -Brett P. - Chester, Arkansas - April 2022



" Hope you are well!! I am sending a few photos of your fabulous fans !! We are in contract and about to build a new home in Santa Fe. I am going to want to use your dabs again they are fabulous pieces of work!! Working with architect now so soon I’ll have an order to give you for many more fans! How long are they taking to make and shop these days? "- Dianne, Portola Valley, CA - April 2022

IMG_1607 (1)

"Fan is up and looks awesome! Will send a much better picture once we get everything put together. My Contractor, Zach Hill, absolutely loves it and I feel confident that he will do business with you in the future on other builds. Thank you so much for building this beautiful piece for our home! Hope you have a great weekend!" 

Barn Metal 177

Stanko Lisac


"The ceiling fan is in and looks beautiful. Someday hopefully I can get four more for my back patio. Maybe 52 inch in size. Let me know!" -Stanko Lisac - March 2022



"We got it up and running yesterday! It is beautiful! Thank you ☺️"- Anne-Marie February 2022


Darla Lowder

"I love it! Thank you!"- Darla Lowder January 2022

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