Leather and Cowhide Accents and Accessories

Leather and cowhide have long been associated with sophistication and a rustic aesthetic. Their use in furniture, accessories, and now ceiling fans adds a touch of warmth and personality to any space. The natural textures of leather and cowhide can beautifully complement various interior styles, from modern farmhouses to western-themed decors.

Trainstation with cover

Train Station with Embossed Leather Motor Casing

Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, the Train Station finish seamlessly combines steel, iron, copper, nickel, and wood to present a harmonious fusion of materials. This fan isn't just functional; it's a living work of Western art that stands as a testament to your distinctive taste and appreciation for the extraordinary.

The stunning custom brown floral embossed leather motor and longhorn detail adds a touch of bonus flair while keeping things cool and stylish.

Royston Turquoise with Cowhide Motor Casing

Imagine a gem that encapsulates the vibrant colors of a summer sky, the deep ocean's mystique, and the earth's rustic beauty. With its unique blend of blues and greens, the Royston Turquoise is an exquisite finish that demands attention. The rich, earthy hues and captivating patterns of Royston Turquoise have been expertly incorporated into the fan's unique design, adding a touch of luxury and natural beauty to any space.

The taupe and gold cowhide motor casing includes a gorgeous leather braid and embossed leather detail. Ensuring that no two fans are alike, we enjoy making each custom fan special for each room. 

Royston motor casing 2

You Dream It, We Can Make It!

Prepare to be enchanted as gentle breezes embrace your surroundings, swirling with the grace of a windmill and showcasing the timeless beauty.