Easy to Order Your Windmill Ceiling Fan

Please go to Fan Specs for The Patriot and The American Motor Details - Click Here


Step 1: Pick Size & Motor

    46"     The Patriot Motor $1999

    52”     The Patriot Motor $2099

    60”     The Patriot Motor $2199

    66”     The Patriot Motor $2299

    72”     The Patriot Motor $2399



Step 1: Pick Size and Motor

    46"     The American Motor $2349

    52"     The American Motor $2449

    60"     The American Motor $2549

    66"     The American Motor $2649

    72"     The American Motor $2749

    84"     The American Motor $3099

    96”     The American Motor $3299


Galvanized/Silver Included
Galvanized/Silver with Painted Tips OR Motor $399
Galvanized/Silver with Painted Tips AND Motor $599
Tarnished Tin Blades $500
Tarnished Tin with Painted Tips OR Motor $899
Tarnished Tin with Painted Tips & Motor $1099
Brushed Metal - 1 side $349
Brushed Metal - Both Sides $698
Powder Coated $499
Weathered Finishes $1099-$1299

Logo & Branding: There may be an additional charge for intricate multicolor logo and branding work, available upon request; please inquire about any kind of additional detailing when finalizing your fan order.



Custom Finishes. 

Learn More About Custom Finishes.

Step 3: Pick Down Rod Length

We can custom make any length for $1 per inch. Note: The Patriot Motor drop is 6" and The American Motor is 15". 

     9"                             Included

    24”                           $24

    36”                           $36

    48”                           $48

    60”                           $60

    70”                           $70

Please note: Any down rod over 69” long will include a coupling so that the down rod will fit in the shipping box.

Step 4:  Lighting Kit

     No Lighting Kit

     Yes Up Lighting Kit   ($249 per fan)

     Yes Down Lighting Kit   ($249 per fan) *Patriot Motor Only

Step 5: Wireless Remote

Wireless remote and wall controller have the same functions - both control light, fan speed, and on/off and reverse. Only available on The Patriot motor. Each fan comes with a wall controller. A remote is not required.

    No Remote 

    Yes Remote                      $299 

Step 6: Pick Accents

    Tail Vane - Aluminum Tail Vane      $299

    Tail Vane - Powder Coated or Weathered Finish    $399

    Leather / Cowhide Motor Casing     $599

    Bullet Holes      $99

    Simple Brands (Contact us for complex brands)    $99

Step 7: Pick Shipping

    Customer pick up (pilot point location)                     $0

    Shipped to customer                    flat rate $349 per fan 

Special Note to Customers: Due to the size of our fans, amount of material used for each fan, and the number of blades, you must be prepared for the fan to take up to 2 minutes to be at desired speed. The fan will maintain this speed for consistent airflow. Patience is Important!

Note: If a custom order is cancelled, the custom finish fee and a 25% restocking fee will not be refunded.

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