Shipping For Success

Each fan is hand crafted, assembled, tested and balanced with your down rod.  For shipping purposes we take the blades off and we number each blade and the frame so you can get the same balanced effect in your home.  The blades will be padded and carefully packaged within the shipping box.
Our custom boxes are 70" x 70" x 20" and shipped with a freight company.  One of the supporting boxes inside will contain your accessory kit and instructions.
We will be in touch with you the week before we ship your fan to confirm your shipping details and we will send tracking information once available.
VERY IMPORTANT when your fan arrives please inspect the box for damage.  If significant damage is present we recommend refusing delivery.  Please take photos of any damage and make sure the driver signs the BOL noting any damage.  If these precautions are not taken we have no recourse for the damage on the fan with the shipping company that damaged the fan.

Shipping Direct or Pick-up Option