Western Cowhide Frameworks

The Windmill Ceiling Fan Co is excited to introduce our exclusive custom gallery Western Cowhide Frameworks!  We value our customers' feedback and we listened to you!  You wanted unique, one of a kind, rustic artwork that would compliment any room and your custom Windmill Ceiling Fan!  Custom, custom, Custom – custom prints, custom frames and cowhides!

This Gallery Collection is like no other.  Farm and custom portraits with one of a kind cowhide accents and aluminum frames with custom finishes.  Design a frame that matches or compliments your hand crafted windmill ceiling fan.  Each piece is created in Texas with quality American materials just like our Windmill Ceiling Fans.

We are introducing four custom pieces – The Casey, The Classic, The Aeromotor and Old Blue!  Like our windmill ceiling fans these pieces are totally customizable and quality made!!  We start with our own beautiful farm photos and print them on durable aluminum for a clarity and shine like no other just like our windmill blades.  You can even send in photos for your own custom print of your farm, ranch or livestock! Our frames our constructed from the same aluminum our windmill frames are made from.  The kicker is that we can custom create any finish on our frames and even match or compliment the finish on your Windmill Ceiling Fan!!! Then we had the beautiful and one of a kind cowhides and the sky is the limit!!  We finish each piece with our own WCF brand and our exclusive signature for you to enjoy.




Guardian Angels

Custom Handcrafted Cowhide & Leather Artwork, Never Will There be Another Like Them. 

Leather cowhide

High Quality Framing, Leather, and Cowhides

To ensure the highest quality and durability of our artwork, we use durable materials for our handcrafted frames. You can choose the size, cowhide, custom finish, and artwork to match your perfect room.

Our company only uses the highest qualities of top & full grain leathers from Europe and South America. This factor will give you the overall quality of the artwork. Top-grain comes from the outermost layer of the hides. Because top-grain is the most durable leather, if properly cared for, it should last indefinitely.

The Casey

 The Casey – this young bull has a lot to learn in the world.  He is tough and rough and at the same time cute and cuddly!  He has so much promise and we hope he makes the right decisions in life.  He looks harmless but he will run you over and leave you in the dust if tested!!  The frame on this piece is a classic finish. Just think of an old windmill with red tips with the weathered look of many years of wind, rain and sun!  The cowhide is a gorgeous medium brindle – with brown, black and cream accents perfect for any décor.  This piece is a perfect compliment to any of our Tarnished Tin fans or any fans with Rustic Tips or motors or our beautiful Heritage finish that is Tarnished Tin with Red tip and rustic hand painted iron black motor!


Old Blue

Old blue – Just like a sunny day in the field.  This portrait is an old windmill with the back drop of a beautiful clear blue sky!!  The frame finish is our very popular Cattleman finish.  The finish is very rustic with tarnished rusty accents and the deep brown border!  The cowhide is a classic Hereford brown.  This hide compliments the rusted look on the frame.  This look pairs perfect with our Cattleman finish and the bright blue sky adds that pop of color for any rustic space!

Old Blue

The Aeromotor


The Aeromotor – This portrait is bold.  Reminiscent of a wintry day looking outside at the trusty windmill wishing you could stay inside and the livestock could feed themselves.  Well since the windmill is out there working I can too!!  This frame is our Aged Whiskey Barrell finish – beautiful and elegant and resembling the charred barrels with copper accents coming through.  The cowhide is a gorgeous Brindle color which highlights the black from the frame and the portrait.  I see our new finish, the RIP or our Aged Whiskey Barrel or our Rustic copper finish looking amazing with this custom piece!


The Classic

The Classic – This classic windmill portrait is a subtle black and white.  We added the color with the cognac brown and white natural cowhide and the Patina copper frame.  There is so much to see in this one of a kind piece many textures, colors and finishes.  It works well with any of our weathered Texas Turquoise finishes pulling the hints of turquoise from the frame.  Our Patina Copper or Barn Metal finishes would compliment this art as well.  


Current sizes and pricing are the following

40” x 60” $1395

38" x 50" $1295

44" x 44" $1195

40" x 44" $1095

30" x 34"  $995

24" x 40"  $995

Custom Sizes are available. Call for quote.

Once again we are very excited to share our new line with our FANILY!  We will be creating new pieces with wonderful farm portraits, exquisite cowhides and our always fabulous and unique finishes.  We want our customers to love their purchases which is why we believe in customization.  We would love to see your photos and create the perfect piece of art for your space!  Television Frames are available for that perfect look.