We spent a lot of time designing the right lighting kit for our 18-blade Windmill Ceiling Fans. Our clients were the inspiration to create the lighting kit you see below. The lighting kit can be added to any size and any custom finish you choose. (150 Watt)

Why design THIS lighting kit and not the traditional hanging light?

  1. We did not want to take away from the gorgeous design and look your ceiling would have with lights hanging down
  2. Having the lights on the top will give an illumination onto the ceiling creating a unique glow on your ceiling
  3. Lighting on the top eliminates the typical strobe effect on your ceiling if the lights were hanging below.  Reminder, we have 18-blade Windmill Ceiling Fans
Windmill Ceiling Fan Lighting
Illuminated Lighting
lighting on ceiling

The Up Light has one LED strip 48 Watts (second strip can be requested, Dimmable, Waterproof and 4200 Kelvin Daywhite.)

windmill fan up light option
whiskey barrel custom finish with uplight

The Down Light is a 18W Lumen 1400 Color 3000

The downlight is dimmable. 

1400 Kim Pablo 60_ Weathered Gray Brown Tips DOWNLIGHT (1)
1400 Kim Pablo 60_ Weathered Gray Brown Tips DOWNLIGHT

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