Windmill Ceiling Fans in the Media

Media mentions and appearances

The Washington Post

Matt and Brooke's barndo home is a feature story in the Washington Post Real estate section.  Matt's quote, "A gigantic seven-foot-wide custom fan from the Original Windmill Ceiling Fan Company in Texas takes center stage. “You walk in and say, ‘Wow,’ ” said Matt.

Cowboys and Indians Gift Guide 2021

Cowboys and Indians Magazine

Gift Guide Spotlight 2021


Cowgirl Magazine

Gift Guide Spotlight 2021

Co-founder Phillip Eggers Giving Back to Rodeo Community

Cowboy Christmas 2017

Co-founder, Phillip Eggers, Giving Back to the Rodeo Community.

Cowboys and Indians gift guide 2016

Cowboys and Indians Magazine Gift Guide Spotlight

2016 Gift Guide Spotlight

PBR 8 seconds souvenir program

PBR '8 Seconds' Program

newsletter and website gif ad for Windmill Ceiling Fans

Custom Finishes and Designs can only be spotlighted with a special gif image. 

NFR 2021 Cowboy Channel

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