46″ Windmill Ceiling Fan – DC Motor


46″ Diameter Aluminum Handcrafted and Hand-assembled Windmill Ceiling Fan with DC Motor.  (Visit Fan Specs page for AC and DC Motor information)

Step 2 – Pick your finish * 

Choose the custom finish for your handcrafted Windmill Ceiling Fan. It will add warmth and charm to the interior or exterior of your home or business.

Step 3 – Pick Your Down Rod * 

All fans include 9″ down rod, yielding 24″ overall length.
You may want a longer down rod for your installation.

Painted Tips can be added to your custom finish design. This is in addition to your original custom finish option. (please choose ‘none’ if you don’t want tips added)

Lighting Kit available for both AC and DC motors. Unique Design staying true to Windmill look and overhead design preventing strobe effect.


Because of its aluminum materials (no heavy iron or saggy wood blades), special ceiling supports are not required, and standard electrical service works perfectly. These high volume/low speed (HVLS) fans rotate approximately 60 rpm depending on blade finish and size.

To make your fan even more momentous we offer custom finishes making your fan a one-of-a-kind piece of functional art. So, whether you hang it in your cathedral ceiling, your urban loft, your great room, or your outdoor kitchen/patio, this fan will complete your room.

Please view our Client Photos page to see a few samples of our custom work, and to stimulate your creativity.

Visit Fan Specs page for AC and DC Motor information.


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