8 Fall Decor Ideas For The Season Ahead

Fall is here, which means it’s time to dive headfirst into everything that makes this time of year fun: baking delicious desserts, pumpkin patches with the kiddos, big Thanksgiving feasts on the farm with the family, and more. For many of us, fall also signals that it’s time to take a hard look at your home’s decor and do a few seasonal upgrades.  

The good news is that none of this has to be a massive chore. Not only is fall decorating fun, but there are countless ideas and crafts out there to meet any style, mood, space (living room, front porch, dining area, etc.), and, of course, budget.

From new rugs, pillows, and other cute accent pieces to wreath designs, pumpkins, and front porch signage, here are 8 fall decor ideas we found in various places online that you can replicate for the season ahead:

Fall door decorations

Perhaps the first and easiest way to boost your home or barndominium’s curb appeal is by creating a warm welcome right at your front door with fresh flowers, a colorful corn wreath, assorted pumpkins and hay bales, and even a welcome sign. 

Upgrade the front porch

Front porch planters with fall-colored leaves, mums, ornamental grasses, and sweet potato vine will do wonders for your front porch. Add a few decorative pumpkins of various sizes, rocking chairs, and plaid accents, and you’re all set. 

An entryway decorated for fall and Halloween.

Add a Farmhouse feel

Your home doesn’t have to feature a wide assortment of vivid colors. New wicker furniture for the patio and light-colored rugs, throw pillows, etc., can give an old porch a fresh upgrade while helping guests feel cozy and welcome.

Acorn vase filler

Here’s a great idea from the great folks at goodhousekeeping.com: Take a traditional short vase you may have around the house and fill it with decorative acorns. Add some fall flowers and a strip of orange ribbon around the rim. 

You can never have too many seasonal plants and flowers

Spruce up your front porch or back patio for fall by hanging plants that offer plenty of autumn vibes. This can be anything from sunflowers to aster, rudbeckia, celosia, Chinese lanterns, and chrysanthemums. 

Wheat centerpiece 

Find some dried wheat bundles and place them inside glass cloches to make your table centerpiece the envy of the neighborhood. This is another great idea from Good Housekeeping and is relatively inexpensive. And the best part is that once fall is over, you can replace the wheat with pine cones or red berries — whatever matches the season.

DIY kitchen wall art

The possibilities are endless here. Our friends at Country Living suggest turning baking tins into wall frames for things such as beloved family recipes, family photos, etc. 

Paint your pumpkins

Who says pumpkins have to be orange all the time? You can paint pressed leaves from your own backyard onto the gourd or paint them different colors to match the rest of the decor.

Many of the projects listed above are not overly complicated and can transform your indoor or outdoor living space into the envy of the neighborhood. 

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