Matt and Brooke Wright from ‘Naked And Afraid’ Fame are Still Head-Over-Heels For Their Custom Windmill Ceiling Fan

It was a typical weekday afternoon, and Matt and Brooke Wright found themselves standing in the middle of their brand-spanking-new custom home in southwest Florida. They had built their forever abode together, shimmying up to install every steel beam and drive in every nail, screw, and bolt throughout the 2,450 square-foot country-inspired property.  In a…

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Decks and Patios With a Purpose

Creating a variety of spaces where the outdoors can be enjoyed is easier than you may think. Whether you already have a deck or you’re considering a home improvement project to build a new deck, now is the time to think about your use of space. A deck has lots of open space and it’s…

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What type of Barndominium needs a windmill ceiling fan?

Barndominium A barndominium is a combination of a barn and a condominium, and they are all the rage in the U.S. My husband, Phillip, and I can’t get over ours for the simple fact that while it looks and functions like a barn, we have all the modern conveniences and amenities you’d expect to see…

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4 Reasons to Buy More American Made Products

American Made

  American Made One reason it’s important to buy American made products is to keep jobs in America. In today’s world, many of the things we are constantly buying and own are made in other countries. If you pull at the tag on your shirt it will most likely read made in Pakistan or Vietnam.…

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Home Sweet Barndominium

barndominium designers

  Barndominium It’s a strange word, but you’ll no doubt be hearing it a lot more in the future. The barndominium is definitely here to stay. So, what exactly is a barndominium? It’s an idea that started in Texas and has now spread to just about every part of the country. In a nutshell, it’s…

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