There’s a push toward outside event venues, and a custom-made windmill ceiling fan would look pretty nice in many of those unique spaces


Hotel ballrooms. Churches. Reception Halls. Event Centers. Convention and exhibition halls. These are the sort of places families, businesses, and organizations think of when they need to host an event. But what about outside event venues — ranches, pavilions, gazebos and pergolas, resorts, hotel rooftops, botanical gardens, golf courses, etc.?  These unique spaces have always…

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Paul Harvey: The voice of America


There are certain people who are revered by so many that they will forever stand in a class by themselves. Paul Harvey is one of those people. He’s an institution, a pillar, the standard-bearer for all American radio and television personalities, commentators, and news columnists who came after him and aspired to be like him.…

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Why Your Next Windmill Ceiling Fan SHOULD NOT Be Made of Wood

A few years ago, a friend and his wife had a beautiful covered patio built in their backyard. It started as a small project, but like everything else, it got bigger as time went on. They added furniture, trinkets, and various other design elements, including two store-bought wood ceiling fans. His wife loved them because…

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How to Use Your Windmill Ceiling Fan During the Winter

Imagine this scenario: it’s a chilly October night, and you’ve got the heater in the house set to 80 degrees. You slip on your fuzzy socks, grab the nearest down comforter, and settle into your couch to catch up on your favorite Netflix series. Everything feels fine and dandy — until your spouse walks in…

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How Important is a Ceiling Fan Remote Control?

In modern times, people have greatly placed great value and importance on the convenience and efficiency of any product they would want to buy in the market. A keen observation would actually show that there are a lot of people who would willingly spend more for a home appliance with special features that would make…

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