4 Advantages of Using Aluminum to make Windmill Ceiling Fans

So many things stand out about our Windmill Ceiling Fans that it’s difficult to put one particular feature or advantage at the top of the list.  From American-made to unrivaled strength and craftsmanship, the ability to customize every last detail to match your personality and style, and more, we love them all — and we…

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Do Windmill Ceiling Fans Really Work?

Not a day goes by where we don’t get asked, “Do windmill ceiling fans really work?”  Of course, they work! But we completely understand why you might ask. After all, they do have that too-good-to-be-true vibe to them. For starters, they’re absolutely beautiful and, unlike any other standard ceiling fan on the market, quickly become…

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Should We Use Our Ceiling Fans During the Winter Month?

It’s a lazy weekend afternoon, and you’ve just walked into the living room to watch a movie with your spouse when you notice the custom windmill ceiling fan you installed this summer is still running. Without hesitating, you go to the light switch to turn it off, but your spouse slaps your hand away and…

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There’s a push toward outside event venues, and a custom-made windmill ceiling fan would look pretty nice in many of those unique spaces


Hotel ballrooms. Churches. Reception Halls. Event Centers. Convention and exhibition halls. These are the sort of places families, businesses, and organizations think of when they need to host an event. But what about outside event venues — ranches, pavilions, gazebos and pergolas, resorts, hotel rooftops, botanical gardens, golf courses, etc.?  These unique spaces have always…

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Paul Harvey: The Voice of America


There are certain people who are revered by so many that they will forever stand in a class by themselves. Paul Harvey is one of those people. He’s an institution, a pillar, the standard-bearer for all American radio and television personalities, commentators, and news columnists who came after him and aspired to be like him.…

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