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Rustic Decor

Keeping it Cool With Unique Ceiling Fans

There are certainly a lot of people today who take exceptional pride in the appearance of the abode, and are actually willing to spend more money to ensure that guests would be properly impressed with the interiors of their homes. In fact, most of us have this inclination although there are certainly some individuals who…

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7 Materials That Bring Rustic Texture to a Room

When decorating, there are many aspects to consider. Colors and style is one way of incorporating varying design elements, but there is even more. It is important to include the use of texture. This is often one of the most overlooked yet brilliant ways of highlighting your living space. Here are a few materials you can use in order to pull your room’s decor together, making it unique and fun.

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Handmade Products Come From the Heart

Made in the USA

  What’s the best thing someone has ever given you? Some people might say a car, or a trip that they had been wanting to go on for months. Others may say the time you spent with them is the best gift in their mind. If you ask an adult they might say the homemade…

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What is the Farmhouse Style Design?

Farmhouse style design is extremely popular just now. We all seem to love the rustic, minimalist styling that has a rough and ready kind of appeal. It takes us back to an earlier time when life was simpler and more reliable, or so it seems in our romantic image, usually viewed with a sprinkling of…

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What exactly is Rustic Design?

Rustic Design Rustic is a kind of going back to nature design. It emphasizes natural features that bring out the beauty, while keeping an overall natural rugged feel. A century or so ago, rustic was all the rage. Well, not really, but the early pioneers had to make do with styles and designs that were…

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