4 Advantages of Using Aluminum to make Windmill Ceiling Fans

So many things stand out about our Windmill Ceiling Fans that it’s difficult to put one particular feature or advantage at the top of the list.  From American-made to unrivaled strength and craftsmanship, the ability to customize every last detail to match your personality and style, and more, we love them all — and we…

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The First Windmill Ceiling Fan: Then and Now

When our fearless leader Kelly Eggers sat down with her husband to build a windmill ceiling fan six years ago, they designed it entirely with their wants, needs, and style in mind. There weren’t any thoughts of creating a windmill ceiling fan business one day. They were focused on finding a way to cool down…

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There’s a push toward outside event venues, and a custom-made windmill ceiling fan would look pretty nice in many of those unique spaces


Hotel ballrooms. Churches. Reception Halls. Event Centers. Convention and exhibition halls. These are the sort of places families, businesses, and organizations think of when they need to host an event. But what about outside event venues — ranches, pavilions, gazebos and pergolas, resorts, hotel rooftops, botanical gardens, golf courses, etc.?  These unique spaces have always…

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Rustic Windmill Ceiling Fans? What does that mean?


The term “rustic” is thrown around quite a bit these days to describe home decor and other accent pieces — including windmill ceiling fans. But surprising as it may sound, many people don’t know what that means exactly. Maybe they’ve got a vision of a log cabin dancing around in their head, or decor that’s…

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