Benefits of Windmill Ceiling Fans During Winter Months

Many of our clients don’t think to use their custom-made Windmill Ceiling Fans during the winter. And we can’t blame them — after all, it seems counterproductive to use something that’s supposed to keep you cool when all you want to do is slip on your fuzzy socks, grab the nearest down comforter, and warm … the heck … up. 

We know you got plenty of use out of your fan this summer, but don’t be so quick to forget about your Windmill Ceiling Fan in for the winter months. You absolutely should have your windmill ceiling fan working— all winter long!

The trick is knowing how your Windmill Ceiling Fan to your benefit!

Enhance The Warmth and Comfort in Your Home with A Windmill Ceiling Fan

Everyone knows a ceiling fan is perfect for cooling your home or barndominium during the summer and taking pressure off your AC unit. Even outdoor fans like the ones we custom-build for patios, decks, or larger ones for your industrial space, are strong enough to move the right amount of air even under the harshest conditions. 

But they can be just as effective during the winter or even just a random chilly weekend that pops up every now and again. Just a few benefits of using your Windmill Ceiling Fan during the winter include:

  • Increasing warmth throughout your home or space
  • Providing well-deserved energy savings year-round
  • Allow you to lower the temperature on your thermostat with no reduction in comfort
  • Reducing the possibility of stale air (continuous air movement is still a good thing)
  • Moving warm air downward minimizes the chance of escaped heat in the attic

Here’s HOW To Use Your Windmill Ceiling Fan During Winter Months

As is the case with nearly every fan on the market today, your Windmill Ceiling Fan will likely be set to spin in a counterclockwise direction. This pushes cool air down to the floor and creates a cooling effect. 

You’ll know if you’ve got it spinning in the right direction if you can feel air while standing directly under the fan blades.

To use your Windmill Ceiling Fan effectively during the winter, ensure your blades are spinning clockwise and at a low speed. A small button will be above the fan blades to switch the blade direction.

When rotating clockwise, your windmill ceiling fan pushes the warm air that was previously lingering near the ceiling down onto the floor. This makes the room you are sitting in feel warmer and allows you to be LESS reliable on kicking the thermostat up to 80 or higher.

Remember, ceiling fans don’t lower or raise the temperature of a room, they circulate the air in the room. And Windmill Ceiling Fans have 18 custom blades to bring that warm air down. So if you’re using your fan during the winter, you’re pushing the air near the ceiling down to where you are — thus providing additional warmth in the room.

Go ahead, and use your Windmill Ceiling Fan with confidence during the winter!

At The Original Windmill Ceiling Fan Company, we pride ourselves on bringing authentic, historically-designed windmill ceiling fans to houses, barndominiums, restaurants, and outdoor living spaces across America at a price worth every penny! We are the only Windmill Ceiling Fan supplier that provides custom fans to match your personality and style.

And we guarantee they will keep you comfortable year-round!

Windmill Ceiling Fans Are:

  1. Custom-designed to match your home and aesthetic
  2. A one-of-a-kind custom fan for your home.
  3. Never mass-produced
  4. Always Made in America
  5. Handcrafted by artisans and have unrivaled strength
  6. DAMP-RATED for indoor and outdoor use

Rather than sitting on a shelf in a factory warehouse, our high-end windmill fans are custom-built to order. Our craftsmanship is catered to your every need and design element.

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