Best Ranch House Decorating Ideas

Ranch styled homes tend to have a fairly simple floor plan layout. They combine the traditional with a minimalist style that makes decorating ideas quite easy to come by. In a way, a ranch styled home is an empty palette waiting for the colors and artistic touches to arrive. While the term, ranch house, can conjure up nostalgia and an older look, it doesn’t have to be all that way. There’s no reason why a fully modern style can’t mix with the more rustic ranch house style, or indeed, any decorating style you can think of.

However, if you want to feel a bit stuck in the past, the mid-century modern look might be just what you need. This style is definitely making a comeback. What you need to look out for is furniture with a retro look and feel to it. Wallpaper, something that is also making a bit of a comeback, would go well with the mid-century look. A mixture and a variety of bold patterns will work well, also plain wood parts on furniture items, such as couches and chairs. A brushed metal Windmill Ceiling Fan would be ideal to finish off the mid-century modern look.

For a true vintage ranch house look, why not let wood predominate? There’s nothing more primal and basic than the sleek look of well-formed wooden furniture items. A bare wooden ceiling, rich in color and strong in stature can set the look and feel of a wooden themed room. Throw in a couple of sturdy wooden tables and chairs and it all begins to take shape. Of course, you almost definitely need a wooden floor as well, and an oil rubbed bronze finished Windmill Ceiling Fan with its reddish hues is an ideal complement for the theme.

The farmhouse decor look is one that is well suited to a ranch house. The look needs to evoke memories of the 1930s, but in a good kind of way. You almost need to have a wood-burning stove as a center point, and all cabinets need to be either pure white, or a natural rustic wood color. Simplicity works best here, though that need not mean ‘boring’. Wood-lined walls will create a stark, yet fascinating look, and the occasional small rug on a bare wooden floor is almost a must as well. Choose a rustic copper Windmill Ceiling Fan to round off the effect.

There’s nothing that says your ranch house must have a rustic or old-fashioned style theme when it comes to decorating it. The very term, ranch house, suggests a location far from an urban setting, so why not upset all preconceived ideas and go for an urban modern style. This design depends on a minimalist, yet contemporary look. The furniture tends to sit low in this design with clean-cut lines. The urban modern ranch house needs to be bold and confident, yet warm and pleasing. A Windmill Ceiling Fan with a silver matte finish is ideal for completing the urban modern look.

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