What is the Farmhouse Style Design?

Farmhouse style design is extremely popular just now. We all seem to love the rustic, minimalist styling that has a rough and ready kind of appeal. It takes us back to an earlier time when life was simpler and more reliable, or so it seems in our romantic image, usually viewed with a sprinkling of rose-tinted glasses. However, there definitely is something very appealing about the organic elegance that a farmhouse style offers. It’s almost as if anything goes, but the simplicity of it all can be a bit of an illusion; a lot of careful planning goes in to making this design work properly.

The very word, “farmhouse”, conjures up a warm glow of fresh milk and the aroma of hot, newly baked bread on a crisp spring morning. There are cows ambling leisurely through a meadow of the greenest grass, interspersed with pretty yellow flowers. Birds call melodically from tree branches while a farmer leads a horse and plough in a nearby field. OK, that might be a little bit over the top, but you get the picture. Inside the farmhouse, the decor needs to complement the mental image, however flawed it might be, and that’s arguably the easiest bit.

Every room needs a focal point, some item of furniture or other feature that grabs the eye and sets the scene. That way, everything else can compliment the main feature and add something unique to the room. Design every room in this way, and before you know it, you’ll have the perfect farmhouse style design throughout your home.

One item that makes a perfect focal point is a ceiling fan. There are many ceiling fan brands that have a rustic, or old-fashioned style of design, usually deliberately intended, but one brand stands out head and shoulders above all the rest – the Windmill Ceiling Fan. The original Windmill Ceiling Fan Company is located in Pilot Point, Texas, an area where farmhouse style design can be naturally found without any pretensions. The fans this company produce are designed to look like the old multi-bladed windmills commonly seen in most rural parts of the US in an earlier time.

weathered_antique_whiteA Windmill Ceiling Fan retains the original windmill look, without the steel tower holding it up, of course. They come in a variety of finishes, from galvanized shiny steel blades, through an antique bronze finish, to an antique weathered effect that mimics the look of any old windmill you might see on any lonely, half-forgotten farm in a truly rural setting, and not forgetting the weathered barn-tin addition this year. It doesn’t really matter which design of Windmill Ceiling Fan you choose, for they will all fit in perfectly with any farmhouse design style, and quickly become the main focal point of the room.

The Windmill Ceiling Fan is quite large, ranging from 54 inches to 66 inches in diameter. because of the multi-blade design, they rotate more slowly that a typical ceiling fan of three or five blades. They are efficient at moving large volumes of air, which means that they provide a cooling effect in hot weather. So, not only will you have the perfect focal point for a farmhouse style design in any room, you will also have a ceiling fan to keep you cool during the summer months.

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