Horses Cool Off Easier with Windmill Ceiling Fans


Having ceiling fans in barns to help keep horses cool in summer is not a new idea, and it is much cheaper than installing air conditioning, especially if the barn is large with a very large air volume. Windmill Ceiling Fans for Barns are also a good idea for the health of your horses. They circulate air to remove stale air and bring in fresh air, or at least, circulate the existing air. Stagnant air in a barn, whether in summer or winter, can lead to infection and disease.

There are many brands of industrial ceiling fans designed for barn and general farm use, but one brand stands out above all the rest. The Windmill Ceiling Fan is a multi-bladed design that is available up to 66 inches of diameter. Its multi-blade design, 18 blades rotating, means that these fans are capable of moving air very efficiently. They can do this at surprisingly low speeds too, which means that the fans are not expensive to run, thereby having valuable built-in cost savings in the long term.

Keeping your horses cool in a barn when the summer sun beats down and temperatures soar up through the 70s, 80s and even 90s, is vitally important. You need to pay special attention to the young, old and ill animals in your care. They are the ones most at risk from very high temperatures, and the ones least able to cope when it gets too hot, just the same as it is with us humans.

As is the case with us humans, sweating is the main mechanism that horses use to keep cool. Dark colored horses will sweat more readily and more heavily than light colored ones. Also, horses that are carrying too much weight will heat up faster than horses that are at a normal weight, or even underweight. Foals that are in their first few weeks of life may not be fully able to regulate their body temperatures, and should of course be shielded from the extremes of heat as much as possible. All these factors should be taken into account when you consider the best way to keep your horses cool in the heat of summer.

Some consider an electric box fan to be a better way to cool down horses and other animals in a barn. The Windmill Ceiling Fan is efficient and less expensive to run than any box fan. It’s also much easier to keep clean and horses safer – no wires or cords for the horses to get caught up in. The Windmill Ceiling fan has 18 blades that cover a diameter of up to 66 inches, or five feet six inches. The pitch of each blade does not need to be sharply inclined as the sheer number of blades, coupled with the large diameter of the fan, allows for air to be dispersed, and at low revolutions too, which will help to save you money and again safe to have around horses.

Do you worry about your horses staying cool?  We must take care of our horses to enjoy them for many many years. Ready to cool your horses this summer the best you ever have? CLICK HERE for a list of custom finish options and fan sizes to choose from.