Livestock Protectors At Your Service: Meet Our Great Pyrenees Pups!

Anyone who has visited our ranch in Pilot Point, Texas, has likely met our security team. No, we’re not talking about a bunch of big, burly men standing at the front gate. Our two Great Pyrenees pups, Sampson and Bo, get the job done perfectly. They are our livestock protection team, and boy, they take their job seriously.

Sampson and Bo are a father and son duo and have been with us for five years. Together, they watch over our ranch home to 10 Belted Galloway calves, a Wagyu bull, and four Paso Fino horses.

Sampson + Bo

The Great Pyrenees were born for this line of work!

If you do a quick search of the Great Pyrenees breed, you’ll see that they are a favorite for shepherds, ranchers, and cowboys alike. They were born to be guardian dogs. They are instinctively nurturing and patient — especially with young or vulnerable animals — and they create a life-long bond with the animals they herd and the people they protect. 

According to the Great Pyrenees Club of America, these beautiful cream canines take their name from the mountain range in Southwest Europe. They have long worked as guardians of the herd against hawks, owls, stray dogs, wolves, bears, coyotes, and any other threat that may wander upon a nearby farm in the dead of night. 

And that “herd” they’re protecting can be anything from cattle, ducks, horses, pigs, sheep, and the list goes on; even some children who’ve grown up in the farming lifestyle would admit to being herded by the Great Pyrenees a time or two. 

Another character trait that makes the Great Pyrenees the perfect farm dog is that they are nocturnal; you might find them taking a mid-day snooze on the lawn since they generally don’t sleep at night.

However, this trait benefits everyone since the high-stakes part of their job as livestock protectors come into play late at night when predators are roaming about for an easy meal. If they’re barking at night, they’re doing their job.

Our Loving Animal Farm

Sampson, Bo, and our newest addition Bart ensure everyone is safe day and night at Windmill Ceiling Fans Ranch. Bart appeared on the property just a few months ago, and it took me five days to catch him. He was pretty useless at first, but he’s catching on. Admittedly, our farm is moderate compared to the busier farms out there; we hardly worry with Sampson, Bo, and Bart on patrol.

I can’t imagine a life without being surrounded by animals; to this day, one of the first things I’ll do after a rough day is go out to the barn and brush the horses. It may not seem like much, but the mere act of brushing eliminates any anxiety at that moment. I’m convinced that if everyone had a chance to experience similar farm life, this world would be better.

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