Local Heroes Series: Tom McCutcheon

Local Heroes Series: Tom McCutcheon

When you grow up on a family farm like we did and spend nearly every waking second riding horses competitively, you are bound to get attached to your animals. And really, the word “attached” is an understatement. Whether it’s a powerful horse or a few heads of cattle, they are all family. They hold a special place in your heart. You want nothing more for them to be healthy and happy, and anyone who dedicates their life to caring for these majestic animals is a hero to us.

So when our family here at The Original Windmill Ceiling Fan Company decided to start a blog series called “Local Heroes,” perhaps there was no better person to begin with than Aubrey, Texas’ own, Tom McCutcheon!

We are big fans of Tom, who, as you probably know, is one of the leading riders in the reining industry. According to his website, he has lifetime earnings that exceed $1.84 million. His accolades include two individual and team gold medals at the World Equestrian Games, an NRBC Open Derby Championship, and multiple major event futurity and derby championships. He competes nationally and internationally and was named the USET Equestrian of the Year.

We could go on and on about his competitive accolades, but what makes Tom a local hero in our eyes is his passion for training, breeding, and rehabbing horses. He and his wife, Mandy, own and operate Tom McCutcheon Reining Horses, Inc., and their life’s mission is to work closely with vets, farriers, and trainers to create an individualized program for each horse. Most of the horses they work with are in both the western performance horse and hunter-jumper industries, so they clearly need a lot of attention to maintain their indomitable spirit. Tom’s services include layups and post-op treatment, using therapy technology such as the AquaTred, Theraplate, P3, Ice Horse, Game Ready, and the Niagra Equissage. 

Just a few of the outstanding reining stallions they stand include:

  • Gunners Special Nite — 2x WEG Gold Medalist, LTE: $235,000
  • Dun Gotta Gun — LTE: $62,000+, NRHA Non Pro Fut Champion
  • Electric Code — LTE $215,000, NRHA L3 Fut Champion
  • Lil Joe Cash  — NRHA Open Futurity Champion
  • Rufanicki — NRHA LTE: $135,000+
  • Gunners Tinseltown — LTE: $302,000+, NRBC Int Res Champion
  • Hollywoodstinseltown — LTE: $185,000+, WEG Gold Medalist

Their training and support staff is a family affair and includes Tom and Mandy’s children, Cade and Carlee. 

Clearly, this is a family who views every horse they work — whether it’s theirs or someone else’s — as more than just a cog in a rider’s wheel of success. They are family, and they deserve to be treated with the utmost respect and love. 

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If you’d like to learn more about Tom, his family, and the horses he’s trained, bred, and rehabilitated, we invite you to take a deep dive into his website (the link is above). Tom truly is a local hero, and we hope you’ll stick with us as we continue to highlight even more local heroes in the weeks and months to come. Trust us — there are plenty of them!

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Photo originally found: https://eqliving.com/the-reining-first-family/