Outdoor Ceiling Fans that Keep You Cool

Nowadays, the modest and unassuming ceiling fan that we know has certainly come a long way since its introduction a long way back during the industrial revolution. Creative industrial workers who spent long hours toiling away in the stifling conditions of the factories originally designed ceiling fans as the ultimate solution for a more efficient ventilation system. Today, ceiling fans still serve a similar function as they did a few decades back, that is in providing aeration and keeping them cool.

Enjoy Your Patio and Backyard

For people who enjoy lounging outdoors in their patio, efficient outdoor ceiling fans are a good solution against the sweltering heat of summer. You don’t need to go to the beach or be forced to turn your air conditioner full blast to cool your patio area from the inside. You can actually stay outdoors in the relative comfort of a veranda, sipping cold lemonades and admiring the flowers in full bloom. Outdoor ceiling fans can easily provide adequate ventilation so you won’t have to stay cooped up the roasting heat inside the house. It would be a nightmare to find out that your energy bill has skyrocketed because of your air conditioning system trying to cool your outside patio area.

Outdoor ceiling fans for patios usually have five+ blades or paddles with a bigger motor, which is specifically designed for outdoor use. The Windmill Ceiling Fan design has 18-blades to increase air-flow with a slower rotation. Some people make the common mistake of buying a fan motor that is too small or it is not intended for the outdoors. Outdoor ceiling fans are engineered and manufactured to endure intense heat, cold, filth, and humidity that they will be undoubtedly be exposed to. So make sure that you would explicitly order one that is designed for open-air use or else you would probably buy another new one after a few months of use.

We have taken both the custom design option and the outdoor elements into mind as our motors and materials were chosen over the years. Creating a fan that can endure the outdoor elements on a farm, beachside, ranch, suburb, or lakeside has been very important to ourselves and clients. The beauty of the Windmill Ceiling Fan can be enjoyed both indoors and outdoors. Our design team enjoys matching the custom finishes to our clients’ inside decor, furniture, fixtures, outside bar-b-que, and kids waterpark design.

No one knows your home any better than you do, so in choosing an outdoor ceiling fan for your patio keep in mind the details of your home, the furnishings and the overall design of your residential structure. The main idea here is to look for a particular ceiling fan that would easily blend in with your outdoor facade. This is highly important since it is visible and you would not want your outdoor ceiling fan to stick out and look out of place, right? It would also be a good idea to measure the area of your patio and maybe you can take a picture of it that you can occasionally check while looking through the wide array of outdoor ceiling fans that you will have to choose from.

Don’t let the scorching summer heat dampen your zeal for summer or let it hinder you for enjoying the beauty of the great outdoors. Get an outdoor ceiling fan for your patio that will allow you and your family to make the most of summer in a leisurely fashion.

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