What exactly is Rustic Design?


Rustic Design

Rustic is a kind of going back to nature design. It emphasizes natural features that bring out the beauty, while keeping an overall natural rugged feel. A century or so ago, rustic was all the rage. Well, not really, but the early pioneers had to make do with styles and designs that were a bit rough and ready at times. Rustic was all they had. No doubt they dreamed of something much more sophisticated, and would probably be puzzled by today’s demand for rustic design.

Is it possible to have a rustic designed ceiling fan? Yes, it is. OK, you never saw a ceiling fan in Bonanza or The Little House on the Prairie, but that needn’t stop you. A room with a distinctly rustic look and feel can easily have a ceiling fan with a rustic, more down to earth design. One way to make your fan fit in is to get one with wooden blades. The type of wood doesn’t really matter, but if you have wooden parts in the room, then getting a fan that complements the existing decor will usually work best.

A ceiling fan with burnished metal parts will add to the rustic look. Brass and copper parts will also add a degree of authenticity, as well as having a look of high quality. This kind of rustic design ceiling fan will look good in a modern room, of course, and many choose this kind of design for that purpose, but when a fan that looks as if it comes from a previous age is set in a room with rugged wooden beams and metal parts that have a certain roughness about them, it all comes together to look really great.



A rustic design seems to work with most people because it takes them back to an earlier, more reliable and trustworthy time – even if the individual never actually saw such a time in real life. However, we have all seen it in TV shows and in the movies. We all loved the rustic nature of The Waltons, a large family living on a mountainside in the rural 1930s, or the pioneer spirit of the family in The Little House on the Prairie. Their home was plain and simply furnished, but it exuded warmth and love, and a kind of unique family bonding that people everywhere seem to instinctively like.

Perhaps it also takes us back to a time when we played outdoors and got dirty. Like most children, we were happy playing with mud, splashing in muddy puddles without a care in the world. Perhaps a rustic design helps to liberate us from the restrictions of modern life, releasing the inner child who still wants to have mud on his boots and getting high on clean, fresh air that is unpolluted by modern poisons.

There’s something basic and natural about rustic things, and when we design a room or a whole house in this design, we can relax under a gently cooling ceiling fan, feeling closer to nature and fully comfortable – as long as there’s a TV remote somewhere within easy reach.

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