Should We Use Our Ceiling Fans During the Winter Month?

It’s a lazy weekend afternoon, and you’ve just walked into the living room to watch a movie with your spouse when you notice the custom windmill ceiling fan you installed this summer is still running. Without hesitating, you go to the light switch to turn it off, but your spouse slaps your hand away and tells you to leave it on. 

“But why?” you say. “It’s 40 degrees outside! Ceiling fans shouldn’t be on during the winter months.”

Well, you might be surprised to hear that people do it all the time. Yes — you can use ceiling fans even in the winter.

Know how to use your ceiling fan during the winter months

Many people don’t realize that ceiling fans spin in different directions simply by flipping a switch on the fan. Our fans’ direction is changed simply by using the wall controller or remote. It’s easy to forget that a windmill ceiling fan rotation setting for winter exists since every fan you’ve ever owned was probably set to spin counterclockwise right out of the box, thus pushing cool air down to the floor for a cooling effect. But by changing direction so that the blades spin clockwise, you’re effectively pushing warm air previously on the ceiling down to the floor.

This makes the room you are sitting in feel significantly warmer during the winter months and makes you less reliable on kicking the thermostat up to 80 or higher. You’ll know if you’ve got it spinning in the right direction if you can feel air while standing directly under the fan blades. Doing so provides several benefits, including:

  • Moving warm air downward, which reduces the chance of escaped heat in the attic
  • Reduction of stale air
  • Year-round energy savings
  • The ability to lower your thermostat with no reduction in comfort

Remember, ceiling fans don’t lower or raise the temperature of a room. They circulate the air. So if you’re using it during the winter, you’re pushing the air near the ceiling down to where you are — thus providing overall warmth in the room.

Enjoy your windmill ceiling fan all winter long!

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