Stylish Horse Barn Cooling Option

Horse Barns Need Cooling

Horses are stylish animals. They have curves and easy-flowing lines in all the right places, displaying strength, power and agility in a stylish, sleek body of pleasing proportions. It’s surely only right then that these beautiful animals should relax, eat and sleep in stylish surroundings. The horse stable should be more than just a building to house horses. It should be a place where style is valued and displayed openly, and that goes for every element of the barn too.

In very hot weather horses can suffer, just like people do. If you’re tied up in a stall, then you have no choice but to accept things the way they are, and if that is a sweltering hot and humid environment, it means suffering and stress.

Of course, this only really happens during the summer months, but in the middle of a heat wave it can seem like an eternity. Horses, like humans, will eventually acclimatize to any extreme conditions, to some degree, but it will take several weeks to do so fully. However, there’s a better solution!

A ceiling fan, or several, if the barn is a large one, is the ideal solution for keeping your horses cool, comfortable and calm when the weather is hot and sticky. It is a better solution than standard air conditioning even, both in terms of cost and efficiency. Air conditioning units are expensive to install, noisy and costly to run, and their appearance definitely lacks any sense of style, flair or panache. Some people install box fans in stalls to cool their horses. The box fans are a huge safety concern, usually are very ugly, and only last a couple seasons.

Ceiling fans, and especially Windmill Ceiling Fans , offer a style that will blend into the general structure and decor of a typical stable or barn. These fans are multi-bladed, rather than the more usual three-blade or four-blade units.

The multi-blade windmill-style design offers significant efficiency with low running costs as the fan doesn’t need to revolve as fast as three or four-blade models. Windmill Ceiling Fans typically revolve at speeds from 25 rpm up to 45 rpm. The usual design of ceiling fan can revolve as fast as 300 rpm, and rarely much slower than 100 rpm. Higher speeds consume more electricity, which means higher running costs.

Horses sweat, just like we humans do, unlike many other animals. Moving air – even hot moving air – helps considerably to facilitate evaporative cooling. This is how your horses can stay cool and comfortable, even in the hottest of heatwaves.

Evaporative cooling happens when liquid sweat turns into a gas, thereby evaporating. This process requires energy, which comes from the heat of the skin. When some of the skin’s heat is removed to cause evaporation, the skin cools down a little, which in turn makes the animal feel more comfortable overall.

Windmill Ceiling Fans have a rustic design that is more in keeping with a stable environment. These fans can have galvanized or powder-coated metal blades, or even a weathered look that will blend in nicely in your horse stable. Their low revolution speeds means that they are near-silent in operation, thereby not causing any undue disturbance or annoyance to the animals.

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