Things You Can Bring in That Appeal to the Senses

When decorating your home or office, it is a great idea to consider incorporating outdoor materials with interior design. By bringing in small portions of the outdoors, you can reap amazing health benefits in every area.

There are many types of things that you can use to decorate that are easy and appeal to the senses. Here are a few ideas to get you started as you think about what you can do in your home.


Stones are a simple and modern way to bring a touch of nature into your home or workspace. Arrange them in a simple pattern, which can include a line or a curved line. Set them along the side of your table for an interesting conversation piece that will help you relax while going about your daily tasks.

Pine Cone Decor

Pine Cones

Pine cones are another item that can truly take you mentally to another space than the one you are in. They are interesting to view and make a great element in your decor. Place a small glass bowl filled with pine cones onto your table, and you will catch a scent every now and then that will transport you to the forest.


Using eucalyptus in your home decor can bring life to even the most drab surroundings. Stick a few long pieces in a tall vase for a touch of life in your room. This look goes well with many decorating styles, so pick some up and try it out – no matter what style of decor you have already chosen.


No list would be complete without flowers. These givers of life brighten every space they occupy. Choose your favorite color of flower and go crazy, or add a wild combination of many beautiful colors to appeal to your visual sense. Flowers also have the added bonus of awakening your sense of smell.

Cotton Plant Stems

One of the easiest and most popular way to decorate a home with cotton stems is to place several branches into an empty bottle, vase, or mason jars. You can add a few strands of baby breathe or small thin twigs to add a little fullness to the arrangement. Such decor is really popular among rustic designs from the Waco, TX area and Chip & Joanna Gaines.

Tree Trunk Shelf

Tree Trunk

When you have fallen trees on your property, you have the opportunity to cut them down to about 4-5 inches wide and 4-5 feet in length. This allows for a gorgeous wall shelf to hang in an entryway, library, living room, or den. If you need to stain it to match your other wood furniture or shelving, it is not hard to accomplish in a weekend.

Old Bird Nests

Seeing a bird’s nest in your living space will bring thoughts of new life, as we generally associate nests with that. Set it on a shelf when empty, or add something else to enhance it further. Perhaps you could fill it with dirt and your choice of flowers, or else pine cones and other favorites.

Bird House

Bird houses are another way to invoke a sense of life. When we see bird houses, we can almost hear the chirping that goes along with them when found in nature. Place a small statue or replica of a bird, or leave it as is in order to encourage each individual to use their creativity to imagine what bird may have lived there.


There is nothing like the smell of spruce to bring fond memories to our imaginations. Using spruce in your decor is a sure way to add a sense of cheer and warmth. Use it above your fireplace to invoke the spirit of a cozy winter’s night.


Now, you are probably thinking that we are going to suggest bringing in the old farmhouse windmill that is so rustic, beautifully weathered, and already put together. But, bringing in the oversized windmills brings some other challenges that you may not be considering. The BEST option is to have a custom finished windmill ceiling fan handmade and assembled for your home. The lightweight strong weather resistant aluminum will help make it easy for you to hang in your current home with ease.

With so many options of outdoor items to bring inside for decorative purposes, there really is no reason to go without any. Try a few of these things to decorate your home with and you will notice an immediate difference in how cozy the ambiance becomes. Bring the outdoors in and bring your senses alive.