Western Design vs. Rustic Farmhouse Design: What’s the Difference?

The terms “Western” and “Rustic Farmhouse” get thrown around a lot in the design world to describe a variety of unique home decor and accent pieces. We even use them to describe our Windmill Ceiling Fans and the myriad of customized looks we can do to match fixtures and furniture with ease. But when you’re new to the ceiling fan game, these terms can be confusing.

Isn’t Western design and Rustic Farmhouse design the same thing? Surprising as it may sound, they are completely different looks. And knowing the difference will help you achieve the look and style you’ve been longing for.

What is Western Design?

Your traditional Western design is darker. You tend to see more animals and bolder colors like turquoise. You may have images of Cowboys and Indians dancing around in your head, and that’s fine, too — you’re definitely on the right track! But it’s also so much more than that. With Western design, you typically see:

  • Darker wood and stain
  • Wrought iron or blackened steel
  • Heavy wood and large stones
  • Leather furniture or thick upholstery
  • Vintage photos and paintings
  • Western artifacts 

What is Rustic Farmhouse Design?

Rustic Farmhouse design exudes images of log cabins or a weathered look that says something has been around for ages. But the overall tone and colors are lighter and more subdued than western. It’s approachable, relaxed, calming, earthy, and traditional. To achieve the perfect rustic look for your home or outdoor living space, you need to emphasize natural and organic. So with Rustic Farmhouse design, you typically see:

  • Weathered finishes
  • Neutral colors (beiges, whites, browns, grays)
  • Pewter and Copper 
  • Natural, aged, organic furnishings
  • Tuscan
  • Raw materials
  • Hand-made

Once you choose between Western and Rustic Farmhouse, get the Windmill Ceiling Fan to match

Once you have the perfect Western or Rustic design for your space, the last thing you want is for the ceiling fan(s) not to match. Unfortunately, most fans on store shelves might keep you cool in the summer, but they aren’t going to match whatever look you’re going for at home. This is where The Original Windmill Ceiling Fan Company can help.

Western design and Rustic Farmhouse design are two of the top finishes our customers ask about when customizing the perfect windmill fan. And the possibilities are literally endless.

Imagine a Windmill Ceiling Fan that checks all of these boxes:

  • Personable and unique — no two fans are alike
  • Match fixtures and furniture with ease
  • Designed to fit the size and space of your home
  • Unrivaled strength and quality craftsmanship — Not only do you have control over the design of the fan, but there is more attention to detail in both the manufacturing of the fan and in the assembly.
  • Hancrafted an created in North Texas

There’s no need to imagine anymore. The perfect Windmill Ceiling Fan can be your reality!

From the blades to the motor, every inch of our Windmill Ceiling Fans is 100% customizable and built to suit all of your Western and or Rustic Farmhouse design needs. Sure, there are tons of options out there when it comes to mass-produced products, so you could keep looking and pray that you find that prized needle in the haystack.

But who has that kind of time?

Rather than sitting on a shelf in a factory warehouse, our fans are 100% customizable and handcrafted in North Texas, USA. Our craftsmanship is catered to your every need, every last nook and cranny of each fan, down to the lightweight aluminum custom finish, is created to order. On top of that, we deliver a one-of-a-kind look and feel and unrivaled strength.

Ready to order yours? Give us a call today at 972-834-5555 we LOVE to chat with all our customers or visit www.windmillceilingfans.com.

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