What Makes the 18-Blade Windmill Ceiling Fan Superior To Regular Ceiling Fans?

An 18-blade windmill ceiling fan. Think about that for a second. Eighteen blades! It’s a lot to take in — after all, most people are used to looking up at the traditional ceiling fan in their bedroom or living area and seeing anywhere from 3-6 blades spinning round and round. That’s the standard of comfort we’re all used to, and anything more than that feels impossible.

Well, the impossible is now possible, thanks to your friends at the Original Windmill Ceiling Fan Company.

Does an 18-blade ceiling fan make a difference, though?

In a word, ABSOLUTELY! The best ceiling fans are the ones that can efficiently move air evenly at a low velocity and do that silently. And the best way to achieve that comfort level is to — you guessed it — by increasing the number of blades the fan has. When a ceiling fan has three to six blades, each blade must work that much harder to push air around the room. 

Also, each blade needs to be set at a steep pitch of at least 15 degrees — not to mention maintaining maximum speed.

This method can work, of course. But it’s an inefficient way to cool a room. Not to mention, you better have a mighty motor to withstand the heavier load. This is especially true if you’re trying to cool a larger room.

Just a few benefits of having an 18-blade windmill ceiling fan include the following:

  • More blades equal improved airflow, all while using a slow circular motion
  • Works for cold and warm air circulation
  • Unique angled blade design pushes more air 
  • Lower electricity costs because of the decreased demand on your AC
  • Nothing else on the market offers 18 blades!

Our 18-blade windmill ceiling fan checks all those boxes and MORE!

Our 18-blade windmill ceiling fan moves more air with significantly less effort because of those 18 blades. This design rotates slower than the average ceiling fan, putting a lighter load on the motor and ultimately saving money. 

Moreover, each blade carries its share of the workload and disperses air more efficiently.

We like to think of our Windmill Ceiling Fans as functional works of custom art and as the anchor to your beautifully designed space!

Call The Original Windmill Ceiling Fan Company today!

Our 18-blade custom-created windmill ceiling fans are hand-cut, hand-crafted, hand-painted, and hand-packaged on our ranch in Pilot Point, Texas. Every element of each fan, right down to the custom-created finish, is made to suit each order. 

On top of that, we deliver a one-of-a-kind look, feel, and unrivaled strength and craftsmanship. We are the only windmill ceiling fan supplier that provides custom fans to match your personality and style!

  • Quickly match the finish of your fan to the rest of your home
  • A one-of-a-kind look and feel
  • Not mass-produced
  • Made in America
  • Unrivaled strength and craftsmanship
  • Damp-rated

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