Why You Should Indulge in a Glass of Cognac

When most people think of Cognac, they think of a bunch of older, stately gentlemen in suits sitting around a poker table with cigars or having a nightcap in a smoke-filled parlor while telling each other how amazing they are. We’ll be honest; that’s what we first thought. We didn’t think it was for us — and we usually never shy away from trying something new.

Then we gave Cognac a try, and boy was it ever a breath of fresh air. We immediately told everyone, but we quickly learned that Cognac has long been the preferred spirit of choice for many avid drinkers worldwide.

And because it is a versatile drink, more people are putting aside their drink of choice and going with something new.

What can you mix with Cognac?

First things first: what is Cognac? This tasty spirit is a type of brandy made from wine that is distilled and then barrel-aged for just the right taste and aroma. Cognac is a versatile drink because it can be made neat, over ice, or diluted with a little water. It can be mixed with quality mixers, such as soda, to make a long drink, or it can make a great cocktail.

Flavors vary significantly, but you can typically taste dried fruit, warm spices, nuts, and toffee.

According to vinepair.com, there are four primary ways to drink Cognac:

  1. Paired with a meal — The longer a Cognac ages, the more rich, fruity, nutty notes it will have. This makes it a perfect complement for hard cheeses, oysters, caviar, chocolate, mushrooms, and even game meats.
  2. In cocktails — Different mixers, citrus fruits, or fresh herbs accentuate the flavors in each Cognac.
  3. On the rocks — As the article by vinepair says, “Everywhere you go in Cognac, people are drinking Cognac and tonic, or Cognac on ice before dinner. It’s great; it’s easy.”
  4. Sipped straight — You will want to swirl and sniff your Cognac if you’re sipping it straight. So be sure to keep it in a basic wine glass to ensure you get the most out of the drink’s aroma.

The best part is that Cognac doesn’t have to be held for a specific setting. You can drink it at a bar or a club just as easily as you can while celebrating an anniversary or wedding, near-perfect golf game, or in front of the fireplace on your outdoor patio. And while you’re enjoying your next vodka on the patio, make sure you have a ceiling fan from The Original Windmill Ceiling Fan Company keeping that refreshing country breeze flowing all day long.

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Recipe: https://sweetandsavorymeals.com/cognac-brownies-with-homemade-caramel-sauce/