3 Ways to Save Energy this Summer

It’s finally summer, and as the calendar eventually flips to June and July, most homeowners just like you will be looking for ways to save on their electric bills. Your friends at The Original Windmill Ceiling Fan Company can’t blame you. As blessed as we are to live in Texas, “hot” is not a good enough word to describe triple-digit temperatures.

With increased air conditioning usage, it is time to start thinking now about additional ways to save energy this summer. We’d like to talk about three of those today: upgrading lighting, adding curtains, and getting a quality ceiling fan.


Gone are the days of big, fat bulbs that sap a ton of energy and ultimately burn out faster. There are a variety of energy-efficient options on the market today, such as halogens and incandescents that, while more expensive than their predecessors, will last longer and ease the burden on your electric bill. When choosing bulbs for everything from hallway lights to desk lamps and porches, stick with LEDs or CFLs that are ENERGY STAR®-qualified. 

Believe it or not, these bulbs:

  • Use roughly 25-80% less energy
  • Protect the environment and save you money
  • Deliver more even lighting
  • Come with additional features such as dimming options


Everyone’s got curtains in their homes, so we won’t spend a ton of time writing about this easy way to save energy this summer. But it is worth noting that light-colored curtains — not dark ones — are the best options during summertime. Having light-colored curtains throughout your home allow more natural light to enter through windows.

Curtains also:

  • Prevent excess heat from entering the house through windows
  • Less prone to fading against direct sunlight 
  • Bounce the sun’s rays away, keeping rooms cooler

Ceiling Fans

Last but certainly not least: ceiling fans are a great way to keep air moving throughout your house during the summer. You’d be surprised how much a few quality ceiling fans can ease the stress on your AC unit. Before we get into the dog days of summer, be sure to take a close look at your existing ceiling fans and make sure they are up to par.

Ceiling fans that are more than a decade old should be replaced asap. ENERGY-STAR options are 60% more efficient than traditional options since both the motor and blades are optimized to save energy. 

A few key points to consider when purchasing AND USING your next ceiling fan:

  1. Pick sizes carefully to avoid utilizing more energy than necessary or choosing a fan that isn’t big enough for the space
  2. Don’t overlook both of our DC motors as another energy-efficient option. DC motors have internal magnets of opposing polarity, creating the torque that’s needed to rotate the blades. 
  3. Energy-efficient ceiling fans are also less noisy than traditional fans
  4. Compare fans based on the breeze they create regardless of the blade pitch. The more air each fan can move, the better — especially in larger rooms where air needs to constantly be circulating. 
  5. Set your fans to rotate counterclockwise so that air is pushed down. This is ideal for summer months.
  6. Turn fans off when you’re not in the room to avoid wasting energy

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