4 Reasons to Buy More American Made Products

4 Reasons Why It Is Important to Buy American Made Products

Made in the USAOne reason it’s important to buy American made products is to keep jobs in America. In today’s world, many of the things we are constantly buying and own are made in other countries. If you pull at the tag on your shirt it will most likely read made in Pakistan or Vietnam. Our phones and electronics are predominantly made in China, many other resources that we rely on are all outsourced to other nations. By purchasing American made products we are able to support local companies and provide further backing to our local communities which will ultimately connect all of us as a country.

Buying American made products promotes our independence as a nation, it contributes to the idea that we can be self-sufficient and do not need to rely on other countries in order to keep our daily lives running due to the aide of their products. Additionally, it makes us all stronger by purchasing things internally we are solving the problem of looking to outside sources for our goods and services. A solid foundation is needed in order to build upon and that is created by buying and selling things from home at home.

Another reason buying American made products is important is because our government does not have a say in working conditions and labor standards in other countries. There have been countless articles published about poor working conditions throughout history but in America, we are always changing and trying to find solutions to these problems. For example, many companies allow flex time due to traffic commutes, some allow employees to bring in their dogs to create a better working environment. The American worker traditionally is known for their strong work ethic and family values as seen in the products they make. Handmade quality products are produced by the American worker who is working hard every day for an honest day’s pay. Definitely different than the large manufacturing plant pumping out mass-produced products that all look alike, but have low-quality materials to keep them cheap. Workers in other nations work excessive hours, often with no compensation for overtime and management often controls the worker’s lives. Purchasing products made in America will help continue to feed families, allow the hard working Americans to feel proud of their products, and bring families together.

Lastly and possibly the best reason to buy American made products is the made in America quality of the product, often when ordering things from other places it is common to read reviews on the product to make sure it suits what you need it do to. For example, a lot of online retailers will sell lesser versions of clothing at cheaper prices that are made in other countries but the quality of the product is horrible. By continuing to purchase American made products we are securing the guarantee that what we are buying is well crafted and meant to last. While at the time the price for the American made version of an item may be higher it will last you longer than the internationally made copycat version of the item.

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