4 Ways to Maintain and Clean Your Ceiling Fans

Even the best American-made, handcrafted windmill ceiling fans money can buy will get dirty. Dust inevitably collects on the custom blades, inside the light fixtures, and even on the durable and lightweight aluminum components. No amount of spinning will shake the dirt off; so, guess what? That’s right! It’s on you to learn how to clean ceiling fans and perform ceiling fan maintenance.

From weekly dusting to more thorough cleaning throughout the year, your ceiling fans — whether they are for indoor or outdoor use — demand constant TLC to look AND perform at their absolute best for years to come. 

Maintaining and cleaning your ceiling fans doesn’t have to be rocket science, either. Here are four easy cleaning steps.

1. Turn your ceiling fans off — This sort of goes without saying, y’all. But we’re putting it out there anyway. Make sure the lights in your room are turned off and that the blades have stopped spinning. No one wants to get bonked in the head, and we certainly don’t want you to get an electric shock. To be really safe, flip the power off at the breaker.

2. Clean the fan blades first — Start by cleaning each fan blade individually, placing one hand underneath the blade for support as you clean it. Weekly cleanings will likely only require a feather duster or dry microfiber cloth. If you’re behind a bit on cleaning, use a damp cloth with mild detergent to remove heavier dust and grime. Some clients have found that pillowcases are great for wrapping around each blade as they clean to keep dust from flying all over the place.

3. Clean the light fixtures —  Remove each lightbulb and gently clean with a dry cloth. Set them off to the side as you now should turn your attention to removing the glass shades (if any). Again, clean each one individually, either with a dry cloth or in warm, soapy water. Dry these items carefully and let them sit for a few minutes before reinstalling them.

4. Finally, clean the fan body — Keeping the motor housing clean and free of unnecessary dust and grime will keep components working smoothly for years to come. Just make sure you are very careful and not allowing excess moisture to seep into the casing. This can potentially ruin your fan right there on the spot. 

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