Putting the Windmill Ceiling Fan Touch on Paradise Valley

Yellowstone, the hot-tempered drama about a familial ranch legacy and the winds of changes in the mountains of Montana, also happens to be the most-watched show on cable in the USA. This Kevin Costner-led drama appeared on the scene just three years ago and had a reverse rise to fame, growing large audiences in smaller towns like Parkersburg, W.Va., Albany, Ga., and Missoula, Mont first. Viewership in major cities caught on later, and now you can’t escape it! Costner, i.e., John Dutton, is the sixth generation to own the ranch, leading his family through uncharted waters with developers and newcomers after the land and classic foes like the National Park and the bordering Broken Rock Indian Reservation. The series is filled with deep-rooted melodrama, dark secrets, murder, and many other scandalous events that make it feel like Dallas’s vibrant 21st-century successor.

Our team’s LOVE of all things Yellowstone has run deep since its premiere. So deep that we decided to do a little redecorating of our own all over Paradise Valley. We’ve matched our one-of-a-kind handcrafted Windmill Ceiling Fans to the cast members, homes, workplaces, and around town.

Then we let our clients and social community + online FAN-ily make the final design calls; here’s how it went…

We had a few fans top of mind when it came to outfitting Jamie’s home and office. Our first thought was the Remington-regal, cold, dark grey, elevated with aged gold bursts in its motor and frame. This fan is a classic look of gunmetal gray with a dusting of gunpowder, very old school and unique. However, the Heritage finish is also a suitable option for a myriad of other reasons. This fan is the quintessential nostalgic pasture windmill look with tarnished tin blades, bold red tips, and a rustic, black motor.

Remington + Heritage Windmill Ceiling Fans

Our audiences voted hands down that the Heritage fan screamed “Jamie” one even commented, “The red tips are for the 🩸 blood from those who hurt his family.” It’s a little eerie but honestly spot on if you’ve been watching Yellowstone since the beginning; few are safe around Jamie after they wrong him or his family. What do you think of Jamie and his new home? The dark, cold, polished Remington? Or bright bold Heritage?

A generational enemy turned frenemy, Chief Thomas Rainwater of the Broken Rock Indian Reservation is determined to one day claim back the Yellowstone for his ancestors. Rainwater has an ivy league education and a resume with a successful stint on Wall Street before he ascended to the role of tribe chairman. Rainwater hasn’t been able to take back the land from the Duttons — BUT — he has made life difficult for them at times. He’s outmaneuvered some big-time land developers who wanted the land for themselves and members of his own tribe who were determined to bring him down – he’s a force to be reckoned with.

Rustic Brass + Weathered Texas Turquoise with Patina Bronze Tips Windmill Ceiling Fans

Making our way over to his office, we thought our Weathered Texas Turquoise with Patina Bronze Tips finish was an excellent option for him. This beautiful mix of turquoise colors will be a showstopper in any room. Each blade is hand-painted and weathered to look and feel like old barn wood. This finish has a ton of character and color and really makes a bold statement in any room. If you look close enough, you can even see a touch of Turquoise on his suit; Turquoise, a key element of Native American culture, often appears in decor, jewelry, and on the characters.

The Patina Bronze Tips adds elegance and character like no other ceiling fan on the market. The other direction our brains went when designing for their chief was towards our tried and authentic Rustic Brass finish. This classic fan will transform your living space with its custom rustic, old-world antique brass. The entire fan can be Rustic Brass front, back, to the motor and frame, or Rustic brass can be used for the blades. Since we custom-create every fan by hand, it’s all up to you! After much debate in the comments section, the people have spoken, and the Weathered Texas Turquoise with Patina Bronze Tips finish was the clear winner for Chief Rainwater!

Circling back to one of the most iconic locations in Paradise Valley, this communal living quarters for the Yellowstone Ranch’s cowboys (and visitors) is a rough-and-tumble place where sh**t goes down. We would do many things to play a hand with the crew at the Bunkhouse! Punches are thrown, paychecks get blown in card games, and nobody holds back. For the design of Bunkhouse and its members, there was a LOT to consider, especially with Jimmy, Walker, Lloyd, and Teeter all bringing a different history and flair to the Dutton ranch.

It was only fitting to pair our Buckle finish with Jimmy for his rodeo win and a sense of self gained from the cowboy life. The Buckle Windmill Ceiling Fan has an enchanting mix of turquoise and copper that will be a knockout in any space. The motor and frame of this fan are iron with hints of copper hand painted throughout the veins and tips of each blade.

Rustic Copper with Black Tips + The Buckle Windmill Ceiling Fans

The stunning rustic black motor with copper accents really brings the entire package to create the sought-after NFR buckle. Each blade is hand-painted and weathered to look and feel aged and elegant. This finish has a ton of character and color and will make a bold statement anywhere. Our other thought when designing for Jimmy was our Rustic Copper with Black Motor and Tips fan finish. This finish looks like aged copper that hasn’t quite been there long enough for Patina.

The entire fan can be Rustic Copper or just the blades. You choose. The aged, darker areas on the blades pair well with the Oil Rubbed Bronze. Since we custom-create every fan by hand, it’s up to your imagination to add a colored tip to the fan blades, a light to the motor, or even your family’s ranch brand! Ultimately our FAN-ILY felt that the Buckle fan was the best to fit Jimmy! We’ve enjoyed seeing his time in Texas; what do you think will happen when he returns with Emily?!?

Weathered Barn Red + Dark Wood Vein Windmill Ceiling Fans

The most-beloved ranch hand — wise, heartwarming, and rugged Lloyd Pierce -Lloyd felt like our classic Weathered Barn Red Windmill Fan for all his years of loyalty to the Y, sturdy and dependable no matter what came their way. Weathered Barn Red is sure to be a finish that pops in any room; if you want the look and feel of old barn wood but the durability of metal, this finish is for you! Although we did have another design direction in mind for Lloyd, our Dark Wood Vein Windmill Ceiling Fan, this bold, stubborn, stern Dark finish matched Lloyd’s evident struggle with Walker. The Dark Wood Vein is a timeless bronze dream; it’s sleek, elegant, and would be a fantastic asset to any home in various spaces. The smooth finish illuminates each blade, adding to its classic solid look.

While most of what goes down at the Bunkhouse and Dutton ranch is about teaching a lesson or learning a lesson in an educational yet violent display, this brawl was no exception. Despite having different personal stakes and motives, Walker and Lloyd’s not-quite-death match felt similar to Kayce and Rip’s barn brawl in an earlier season. What do you think, any connection? And when it came time to choose one fan for Lloyd, our FAN-ILY was unanimous; the steady Weathered Barn Red was our winner, and we have to agree it was the better choice for Lloyd.

Photo from https://www.distractify.com/p/yellowstone-season-4-spoilers 

Walker and Lloyd’s animosity for one another wasn’t going to do any favors for anyone. We were SO GLAD our girl Teeter made it back to the ranch after they hashed it out. The Bunkhouse and Dutton Ranch would be lackluster, to say the LEAST, without this pink-haired spitfire! Teeters firey personality felt like a good match for our classic Western Rawhide finish, with its deep rich tones of chestnut brown and a pop of gold to boot. What’s not to love about this custom fan design?

The Laramie + The Western Rawhide Windmill Ceiling Fans

The lighter brown blade with deeper streaks throughout the blade blend together effortlessly, and that pop of gold matches her personality. The Laramie finish was the other fan we had in mind for our girl; this fan will take you back to the iconic memory of Grandma’s old wooden screen door. With its hand-painted, weathered, antique white blades, barn-metal motor, and frame, this fan becomes the focal point and conversation starter of any room you place it in. We honestly did not know what finish y’all would pick between for this one. The people have spoken, and Teeter’s Western Rawhide finish was the clear winner!

Moving right along throughout the Bunkhouse, ranch hand Walker is known as the aspiring country singer with a bad attitude who can’t seem to stay out of fights during his time at the Y. As an ex-con given a new lease of life to work at the Yellowstone Ranch he always seems to find himself in the thick of it no matter who “it” is, or with. After quickly showing little interest in working the ranch, he found himself involved with the dark side of ranchhand affairs for the family. Our initial thought for Walker was our Weathered Rust Grey; this authentic rustic grey ceiling fan will raw attention; each blade is hand-painted and weathered to look and feel like old barn wood.

Weathered Burnt Umber + Weathered Rust Grey Windmill Ceiling Fans

This finish looks best with a galvanized silver or oil-rubbed bronze motor. He was a fun one to style and saw what our audiences liked; another finish we thought his aesthetic was our Weathered Burnt Umber; this fan is remarkable in the rich tones of brown throughout the blades. The weathered texture adds strokes of a deeper brown to the mix bringing your eyes to the clean brown tips. In comparison to the Weathered Rust Grey, the Weathered Burnt Umber has a richer texture and more layers which is why we think our audience liked the Weathered Burt Umber for Walker and his part of the bunkhouse! Walker seems to have always found a way to escape near-death situations; one can’t help but wonder WHEN his luck will run dry?

Our team’s LOVE of all things Yellowstone has run deep since its premiere. We’ve had so much fun matching up our one-of-a-kind handcrafted Windmill Ceiling Fans to some of the cast members, homes, workplaces, and around town and getting y’alls feedback! But we’re not done yet!

Stay tuned for part two!

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