We’re Re-Decorating the Most Popular Places of TV’s Hottest Western, Yellowstone!

Yellowstone is the hot-tempered drama following the infamous Dutton family ranch legacy. John Dutton is the sixth generation to run the ranch, leading his family while the winds of changes in Montana sway with developers and newcomers after the land and classic enemies like the national park organizations and the bordering Broken Rock Indian Reservation being relentless.

The series is filled with deep-rooted melodrama, dark secrets, murder, and many other scandalous events that make it feel like Dallas’s vibrant 21st-century successor.

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It was no surprise why this Kevin Costner-led drama had a rise to fame, growing large audiences in smaller towns like Parkersburg, W.Va., Albany, Ga., and Missoula, Mont, after it appeared on the scene just three years ago. Viewership in major cities caught on later, and now you can’t escape it!

Our FAN-ILY’s LOVE of all things Yellowstone has run deep since its premiere. So deep that we decided to do a little redecorating of our own all over Paradise Valley.  We’ve been busy bees matching our one-of-a-kind handcrafted Windmill Ceiling Fans to the cast members, homes, workplaces, and town. We started with the Bunkhouse, The Reservation, and Jamie Dutton and  let our clients and social community make the final design calls; here’s how it went: 

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Rip was a favorite fan no shocker here! As a fan, you already know that Beth Dutton and Rip Wheeler are the shows starring tortured, stubborn souls who have to dig deep for everything if they want to have anything together. Nothing about their story has been easy. Some say the pair were fated from the moment they met, but a lifetime of tragedies kept them apart.

In many ways, it’s a miracle that the two managed to find a way back together at all. That powerful relationship/love connection draws viewers and keeps us coming back season after season. For Rip’s cabin with Beth, we had our audiences choose between our signature Matte Black fan and Brushed Metal finish. 

Matte Black + Brushed Metal Windmill Ceiling Fans

When thinking of Beth and Rip’s style, we were drawn to dark, rich, elusive, bold yet rustic tones. The Matte Black fan and Brushed Metal finish bring a sleek industrial yet rustic look to any room! After hearing from our FAN-ily, our Matte Black windmill ceiling fan was the resounding winner for Rip – this doesn’t shock us. Ultimately we had him pegged as the Matte Black as well! We love this classic finish for Rip and Beth’s first place together in the series. Black is a staple finish in most design work these days, especially when it comes to decor. 

A fan of black design? Read more about our Matte Black, Bandero Black, Rustic Black, and more windmill ceiling fan projects here.

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Beth, always hellbent on a mission to ruin somebody’s day somewhere, was fun to deliberate design styles on! We thought our strong Cattleman finish or vibrant Patina Copper with Antique White Tips fit her professional life the best for her office.

With inspirations from the Wild West, the Cattleman is truly one of a kind finish. Ol’ rusted steel and a solid iron look are perfect for any outdoor space or home. Its hand-painted, barn-metal blades with rustic iron tips, motor, and the frame is a nod to the quaint yet classic history of the Old West.

The Cattleman + Patina Copper With Antique White Tips Windmill Ceiling Fans

On the one hand, our Cattleman finish felt like the fierce, chilled side of Beth in action, whether it’s a corporate takedown or something more colorful; While the Patina Copper with Weathered Antique White Tips finish is bright, bold, and the showpiece you have been searching for to add that WOW factor.

This finish has a hammered look with gorgeous patina blue/green veins throughout. You choose the level of patina you want your custom fan to have. The vibrancy of this patina fan finish matched Beth’s firey hair quite well and was a strong contender with our community. In the end, the Cattleman finish ended up being the winner for Beth’s office from our FAN-ily.

Would you have chosen differently?

We all can agree the Y would be lackluster without the massive lodge for the family to gather and work out childhood issues at the dinner table together. We thought it would look much better for Patriarch, John Dutton, and the main living room, not to mention being much cooler with our dark, sleek, and mysterious Bandero Finish.

The layers of this finish with the Matte Black blades and sleek black painted tips represent the generations of the Dutton family trying to hold onto this ranch legacy. The Bandero Windmill Ceiling Fan is solid black on black. This finish is a sleek combination of a matte black fan and blades with vibrant, shiny gloss black tips. Shifting perspective from the black-on-black gloss tips design, another direction would be the classic cowboy route with our Weathered Barn Red with Patina Bronze Tips finish. 

You’re sure to make a bold impression when using Barn Red as part of your Windmill Ceiling Fan design. Barn Red is a standout piece; if you want the look and feel of old barn wood but the durability of metal, this finish is for you.

Weathered Barn Red With Patina Bronze Tips + The Bandero Windmill Ceiling Fans

The Patina Bronze Tips adds elegance and character like no other ceiling fan on the market. Ultimately the majority was evident with our fans, and the Weathered Barn Red with Patina Bronze Tips was voted as the best fan for the Dutton lodge living room!

After a few rough months on the ranch, Kayce, Monica, and Tate found their own slice of heaven in Montana that came with a loyal pup. For Monica and Kayce’s new home as a family of 3, we knew we had to find a way to incorporate a few different fan finishes to match Monica and Kayces differing styles, upbringings, and sometimes life outlooks.

For Kayce, we thought it had to be either our strong Brahman Tinge finish or our bright Aspen Timber finish. The Brahman Tinge finish, named after Brahman cattle, comes in a hue of colors and brings life on the farm indoors with this exquisite fan design. The rich grey blades with swipes of grey and black tones match the hide of Brahman cattle almost identically.

On the opposite end of the design spectrum, you have our  Aspen Timber Blades with Rustic Champagne Motor and Frame. Beautiful tones of white, gray, and taupe are set off by the aged gold motor and frame.

Aspen Timber + Brahman Tinge Windmill Ceiling Fans

These blades are similar to the bark of Aspen Trees in the Rockies. Perfect in any farmhouse, rustic or modern setting. While both fans represent a different chunk of Kayces life, work, and personality, we were unsure which our FAN-ily would be more drawn to. After hearing from our online community, it was unanimous; the Brahman Tinge finish ended up being the winner by a landslide for Kayce!

Photo from https://www.showbizjunkies.com/tv/yellowstone-season-4-episode-8-recap/

Looking to infuse Monica’s style into their home, we thought our High Sierra finish would reflect her natural sense of style in their home well. This fan is a classic tooled leather look with textured browns on blades and a crisp matte black motor and frame. Our Patina Copper finish also screams Monica’s spirit; this sophisticated finish has a hammered look with gorgeous patina blue/green veins throughout.

You choose the level of patina you want your custom fan to have, so the design variations are endless. This finish pairs very nicely with deep grays and stained finishes. For Monica, the people spoke, and Patina Copper was the clear winner! What do y’all think of the dark brahman fan and the patina copper in the same space?

Patina Copper + High Sierra Windmill Ceiling Fans

Fun fact it’s actually fairly common for us to create fans with different finishes and styles for different spaces within the same space or home for clients. You can view more of our client’s fans and spaces here! ( link to gallery)

Ending our tour of Paradise Valley, we look forward to seeing our favorite family of Montana in season 5! What are your predictions as they try to keep the land they’ve owned for more than a century as they battle constant forces encroaching in new and creative ways?!?

Major thank you to all of our FAN-ily for your help placing our American-made handcrafted Windmill Ceiling fans into the Yellowstone series. We may have 47 different custom finishes but the BEST part is we have hundreds of finish combinations to get ideas from when choosing the unique design for your home or business!

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