Apple Pie vs. Pumpkin Pie: The Thanksgiving Showdown

So, you’re gearing up for Thanksgiving on the farm. What pie are you bringing? You could easily say, “Ah … pie is pie. Everyone will eat it and be happy,” and most people probably wouldn’t argue with you. But there’s no denying that everyone has their favorite — and for Turkey Day, it usually comes down to apple pie vs. pumpkin pie.

Autumn fall baking background with pumpkins, apples, nuts, food ingredients, and seasonal spices. Are you cooking pumpkin or apple pie and cookies for Thanksgiving and autumn holidays?

Which is better, though? Let’s put them to the test:

Pumpkin Pie

We can’t blame anyone for going with the ol’ tried-and-true pumpkin pie. After all … you can’t have Christmas without a tree or Halloween without the scares … so naturally, you can’t have Thanksgiving without pumpkin spice, pumpkin candles, pumpkin coffee, and, yes, pumpkin pie!

Pumpkin pie with a nice dollop of Cool Whip on top is not only delicious, but it’s only 284 calories per serving and 11 grams of fat. So it contrasts nicely with a heavy Thanksgiving meal full of turkey and all the trimmings.

Apple Pie

Apple pie is a great alternative because, well, it’s as American as American gets! I can remember my mom and grandmother grabbing piles upon piles of apples from the nearby orchard and slicing them up to make the best apple pie you could ever hope to eat. The smell from the kitchen and the way my fork sliced effortlessly through each slice is still engrained in my mind — and my tummy!

Just like pumpkin pie, apple pie is the ultimate dessert and a great ending to an amazing Thanksgiving dinner. Apple pie has a bit more calories at 370 and 19 grams of fat. But let’s be honest, calories don’t count on Thanksgiving!!

Thanksgiving autumn pies.

So who wins?

Now that we’ve reached the end of this post, we hate to admit that the only decisive point we’ve made is that you can’t go wrong with pumpkin pie or apple pie. Both are delicious and a perfect ending to a great day with family and friends. 

So here’s the deal — just grab yourself a slice of both. We can’t judge you for it — because we’ll be doing the same thing!

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