Can a Ceiling Fan Make My Living Room Warmer?

Every winter, you watch your spouse flip the little black switch on the base of your ceiling fan to the opposite position, promptly forcing the fan blades to spin clockwise rather than counter-clockwise. He always says that rotating the fan blades in the opposite direction causes the room to feel warmer and more comfortable.

And on this one, he’s right. It does feel warmer — the word “feel” being the operative word.

Contrary to popular belief, switching your fan blades to the clockwise position during cooler seasons doesn’t actually make a room warmer. It doesn’t raise the temperature like setting the thermostat on the wall a few degrees higher. But it can make it “feel” warmer because having your blades spin clockwise pulls air up and pushes the warm air near your ceiling down. 

You’re getting warmer air when it’sit’s 40 degrees outside; usually, it’s trapped above you.

And the BEST part is!

For your windmill ceiling fan to get the air moving and make your room feel warmer, you don’t have to make it run at a high setting. All you need is for it to be on its lowest setting to give you the benefit of comfortability.

If you run it at higher speeds, all that air being pushed around might actually make the space feel colder.

Know How To Use Your Ceiling Fan During the winter months

Many people forget the little switch at the base of their fan exists since every fan you’ve ever owned was probably set to spin counter-clockwise right out of the box.

 In so doing, the fans push cool air down to the floor for a cooling effect. But by flipping that switch so the blades spin clockwise, you’re effectively pushing warm air previously on the ceiling down to the floor. This makes you less reliant on kicking the thermostat up to 80 or higher. 

Switching the fan blade direction provides several benefits, including:

  • Moving warm air downward reduces the chance of escaped heat in the attic
  • Reduction of stale air
  • Year-round energy savings
  • The ability to lower your thermostat with no decrease in comfort

Remember, ceiling fans don’t lower or raise the temperature of a room. They circulate the air. So if you’re using it during the winter, you’re pushing the air near the ceiling down to where you are — thus making it feel warmer in the room.

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