Local Heroes Series: Fallon Taylor

We are around cowboys and ranchers all the time. And trust me when I say they all have an inspiring story to tell about where they’ve been, what they’ve experienced, and where they want to go in life. Heck, Phillip and I could tell you plenty of tales from our days on the farm – each one with their own unique twist that ultimately led us to create The Original Windmill Ceiling Fan Company. But it’s not every day you run across someone like professional barrel racer, Fallon Taylor. 

With her bright colors, wild patterns, crazy designs, championship pedigree, and a personality fit for the grandest stage, Fallon is a no-brainer addition to our new blog series called “Local Heroes.” Not only is she an accomplished barrel racer, but she’s an entrepreneur, actress, model, business owner, coach, public speaker, and just an overall inspiration.

With so many accomplishments to point to, it’s difficult to know where to start with Fallon. She became the World Barrel Racing Champion at the National Finals Rodeo in 2014. The year before, her horse, BabyFlo, was named the Women’s Professional Rodeo Association/American Quarter Horse Association WPRA/AQHA Barrel Racing Horse of the Year. What’s super cool is that Fallon didn’t have a shred of equestrian training in her background when she dedicated herself to riding horses at the tender age of 8. Her family even moved from Florida to Ponder to allow her to chase her passion. 

By the time she was 9, she had won her first rodeo. At 13, she qualified for the NFR for the first time. By 14, she won RodeoHouston. Between 1995 and 1998, she finished no worse than 12th in the world standings.

“My parents are like me: We’re kind of a ‘go big or go home’ family, and so they bought me my permit while we were there on vacation,” Taylor told Cowboys & Indians magazine in 2014. “They got me a horse, and I loved it. They’d never seen me so passionate about anything.”

But here’s where her story gets really interesting. Before winning her NFR title in 2014, she had spent several years taking a break from racing to try her hand as a model and actress (she was once the Axe Body Spray girl and Charlie Sheen’s girlfriend in Two and A Half Men). In 2009, she suffered a broken neck when she fell from one of her horses. Cowboys & Indians described it as the same neck injury that befell former Superman star, the late Christopher Reeve. 

Thankfully, the injury didn’t leave Fallon paralyzed, but it would take years of therapy and overcoming her own fears to get back on a horse. Clearly, the rest is history!

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If you’d like to learn more about Fallon, you can visit her website here. Like us, she has an incredible blog section on there with valuable stories that you won’t want to miss. Here is one where she talks about how everyone has the opportunity to make the most of their skills, talents, and abilities. It’s truly a worthwhile read.

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Photo originally found here: https://cowboylifestylenetwork.com/fallon-taylor-professional-athlete/

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