Windmill Ceiling Fans from Outdoor Kitchens in Keller, Texas, to Barndominium Renovations in Iowa.

Matthew and Angie Eggers are the proud owners of one of the earliest Windmill Ceiling Fans ever handcrafted! They brought home a Galvanized Silver Windmill Ceiling Fan for their outdoor kitchen eight years ago.

According to the Eggers, it’s been a blessing to maximize their outdoor living space in East Texas ever since! Back then, Galvanized Silver was THE Windmill Ceiling Fan finish to order; there were not all of the unique designs like our Charred Whiskey Barrel, Cattleman, or The Rip that we know and love today!

“The quality of these fans is really something they got right off the bat; our fan runs today as great as it did 8 years ago,” said Matt Eggers. This is really something considering their outdoor kitchen has been subject to all kinds of crazy weather over the years. Matt recalls many storms with 60-70 mile per hour winds where the ceiling fan wasn’t secured, shielded by walls, or covered by anything, and it runs today as good as ever!

These fans are built to last and designed to be enjoyed for many years to come. 

More recently, after taking on the restoration of a 70-year-old barn on a family homestead in Iowa, Matt and Angie found themselves mid-way through a new project that was in need of another Windmill Ceiling Fan! Angie’s family homestead has a long history with this barn; all of the wood beams used to build the original barn came from a forest less than a mile down the road from the property. When they were evaluating what was reusable and what needed to be taken down from the existing structure, the original foundation of the barn was able to stay intact.

Everything else had to be removed and rebuilt. The teardown portion of the renovation was an excellent opportunity for family members to collect different pieces of the original barn they wanted to salvage to incorporate into their homes, like doors, knick-knacks, parts of beams, etc. 

For the exterior of the barn renovation, the Eggers’ goal was to keep it as spot-on as the original barn while keeping it as functional and safe as possible. Today from the north side of the property and main roads, the barn looks the same as it did 70 years ago… However, from the south side, you can see a sneak peek into the loft and what has become the barn’s converted living quarters!

The south side of the property is where all the windows are and where you can see the big deck. The living space itself is two bedrooms, a large bathroom, and an open living space that houses the kitchen and living room area. This open area is the home hub where everyone gathers with high vaulted ceilings, a large TV, and a new windmill ceiling fan hanging directly from the gorgeous vaulted ceiling! 

This time around, choosing the fan design was a bit different as there are now hundreds of finish combinations. “We know we wanted to keep the classic farm look, something to compliment the vaulted ceilings,” said Matt when it came to creating a new windmill fan for the barn living quarters. So they took a trip up to our ranch in Pilot Point, Texas, and looked through all of the finishes we have to date!

They knew right away that they were going for a darker design, “Angie likes black!” said Matt, and with our design plan so far, it fits perfectly! In general, the living quarters have a lot of lighter tones. The fan finish Matt and Angie chose for their Iowa Barn Living Quarters is our Brahman Tinge with a Rustic Black motor. Named after Brahman Cattle, which come in a hue of colors, this exquisite fan design brings life on the farm indoors!

The rich grey blades with swipes of grey and black tones match the Brahman cattle’s hide almost identically. Considering the barndimonium has white walls, a lighter tan floor, and white exposed wood beams, the darker Brahman Tinge fan provides an incredible contrast! The new Brahman Tinge fan has been installed and works great; they added an uplight that illuminates the vaulted ceiling beams. While this is a huge renovation WIN, the barn project itself still has a ways to go before being one hundred percent completed!

“We reached out to Kelly amidst our renovation and said, “Hey, we’ll need a fan for this space but put it on the back burner for now because we’re rebuilding the barn from the foundation up!  Needless to say, she did it a lot quicker than we needed it.” – Matt Eggers on designing a fan with Kelly during his Iowa barn living quarters renovation.

We love sharing stories of our Windmill fans in their forever homes with clients and friends.  From the first Windmill Ceiling Fan Matt and Angie purchased to their most recent, a few things have changed, like our motors, but the super stable, secure, safety-minded design has stayed the same!

Our windmill fans are built to last and designed to be enjoyed by generations of families for many years to come. Our custom Windmill Ceiling Fans are reminiscent of the old farm-style windmills, incorporating a large diameter and strong blades to create a surprisingly efficient and delightfully inexpensive finished product. Our windmill fans are hand-cut, hand-assembled, and hand-packaged at our warehouse in Pilot Point, Texas. 

Each fan’s last nook and cranny, right down to the lightweight aluminum custom finish, is made to suit each order. On top of that, we deliver a one-of-a-kind look, feel, and unrivaled strength and craftsmanship. 

Ready to begin designing your dream fan? Give us a call today at 972-834-5555.

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