4 Things to Consider When Buying a Ceiling Fan

Everyone needs a ceiling fan to keep them cool. And really, you can go anywhere to find one. But how do you know you’ve found the right one before you get to the cash register? After all, there are so many factors to keep in mind when buying a ceiling fan, from the size of the blades to the style, uniqueness, where you plan to install it and more.

It can all be so overwhelming. Our job at The Original Windmill Ceiling Fan Company is to help you be as knowledgeable as possible and make sure the next fan you buy for your home or business meets your unique needs every time.

Here are four things to consider when buying a ceiling fan:

1. Style — The last thing anyone wants is to create the perfect interior or exterior design for their space, only to have a ceiling fan that sticks out like a sore thumb. Everything else matches — from the furniture set to the cute accent pieces on the walls. Your ceiling fan should reflect that same style, too. So, when buying a ceiling fan, remember that there are more options than the typical mass-produced options at your local department store. 

Thankfully, we make American-made windmill ceiling fans that can be customized to any space. These fans can be silver-colored and galvanized, feature a weathered look, come powder-coated, or come in an oil-rubbed bronze, rustic copper, or tarnished tin look. Other colors and finishes include rose gold, matte black, teal/turquoise, wood replica, and more.

2. Location — Ceiling fans are subject to a rating system that helps buyers determine which is the best one for the location they intend to use it for. Indoor fans, which are dry-rated, are meant for indoor use, such as in a bedroom, living room, foyer, or dining room. Conversely, outdoor fans are either damp-rated or wet-rated. 

Damp-rated ceiling fans, which we make at The Original Windmill Ceiling Fan Company, can be mounted in areas with no direct exposure to water, rain, or snow but can handle their fair share of moisture in damp areas. Wet-rated ceiling fans are much more rugged and designed to protect internal components against the elements.


3. Room size — If you buy a ceiling fan that is too small for a space, whether it’s your basic living room or a barndominium with vaulted ceilings and tons of room, it won’t adequately circulate the air. Conversely, a fan with blades that are too big could be less appealing visually in spaces that are a little smaller than usual.

When buying a ceiling fan, it’s a good idea to measure the room you plan to put the fan in first. You will want to measure for length and height to ensure your fan isn’t too big or too small. Rooms that are 10×10 need small fans, whereas rooms that are as large as 20×20 should use large fans. In some cases, you may need two fans for a room.

4. Motor — There is no skimping on strength and craftsmanship when it comes to buying a ceiling fan. Why? Because a fan with a motor that doesn’t match the length of its blades will be too weak to circulate enough air in your space. Even worse, a limited motor could overheat and burn out. 

Our fans are constructed only with quality steel and aluminum and come with efficient motor integration design and 18 blades for optimal balancing. Fan weight is approximately 40 to 60 pounds depending on the size and finish. 

Buying a ceiling fan? Call The Original Windmill Ceiling Fan Company today!!

At The Original Windmill Ceiling Fan Company, we pride ourselves on bringing authentic, historically-designed windmill ceiling fans to houses, bardominiums, and outdoor living spaces across America at a price worth every penny. We are the only windmill ceiling fan supplier that provides custom fans to match your personality and style.

  1. Quickly match the finish of your fan to the rest of your home
  2. A one-of-a-kind look and feel
  3. Not mass-produced
  4. Made in America
  5. Unrivaled strength and craftsmanship

Rather than sitting on a shelf in a factory warehouse, our fans are built to order, and our craftsmanship is catered to your every need. Call today at 972-834-5555 or visit www.windmillceilingfans.com. We are here to help you!

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