A Few Ideas to Spruce Up Your Home for the Holidays

The holidays are almost here. Can you feel it? We sure can! And, of course, that means diving headfirst into everything that makes this time of the year fun: baking delicious deserts, Thanksgiving feasts on the farm, Christmas presents wrapped and ready under the tree, children’s laughter, and … you guessed it … decorating your home to match the holiday spirit.

From new rugs, wreaths, front porch designs, and signage to fine wines and spirits, cute accent pieces, and more, countless ideas and crafts exist to meet any style, mood, space, and budget. 

And the best part is that nothing requires ornate or full-scale alternations. Just focus on being fun and simple.

Holiday ideas everyone’s thinking about:

Get to work on the front porch. 

Nothing gives your home or ranch a holiday curb appeal oomph like creating a warm welcome right at the front door. This can include fresh flowers, a colorful corn wreath, assorted pumpkins, a welcome sign, etc. And that’s just for Thanksgiving. Christmas front porch ideas include mums, ornamental grasses and wreaths, twinkling lights, etc. Add in a few porch swings or rocking chairs with cozy throw pillows and warm blankets, and you have a winner before walking inside the house.

Hang those lights

If you have a sizable home or ranch, you might want to hire a professional Christmas lights company for safety reasons. But so many homeowners are quick to do it themselves, too. So if it’s safe to do so … get to hangin’! Purchase enough lights to blanket every bush and tree in the front yard and every inch of the gutters around the roofline. If you have an archway leading to your front door, don’t forget to do that. Talk to your neighbors if you need advice, help, or fun ideas. This can also help if you want to put a few blow-up fixtures in the front yard — that way, everyone has their unique look. 

Holiday scents

Most candle and oil diffuser companies have entire lines dedicated to holiday scents. This is a great way to add a soft ambiance and fill your home with holiday aromas for upcoming parties or a small family dinner. Bob Villa has some great ideas on his website, including scented pine cones, DIY peppermint spray, custom scented candles with a mason jar, etc. 

Acorn vase filler

Here’s a great idea from the great folks at goodhousekeeping.com that we’ve mentioned before. Take a traditional short vase you may have around the house and fill it with decorative acorns. Add some fall flowers and a strip of orange ribbon around the rim. 

Do you like charcuterie?

The holidays aren’t complete without a healthy dose of charcuterie. Charcuterie is just the assembly of meats, cheeses, assorted bread slices, olives, fruit, and nuts on a serving board. It’s the perfect way to enjoy watching a sunset at the ranch, feeding a large crowd for a family gathering for the holidays, or just hanging out and watching a movie after a long day.

Seasonal plants and flowers

Spruce up your front porch or back patio for fall by hanging plants that offer plenty of autumn or winter vibes. This can be anything from sunflowers to aster, rudbeckia, celosia, Chinese lanterns, and chrysanthemums. If you’re into pumpkins, wreaths, and other cute accent pieces, consider painting them in different colors to match the rest of the decor.

Don’t forget the alcohol.

It would help if you always had your bar stocked with various non-alcoholic and alcoholic beverages for your guests to enjoy throughout the holiday season! Having a stocked bar means happy guests and fewer trips to the grocery store!

On the spirits side, we have highlighted several drinks perfect for the holidays, including whiskeys and vodka, the Irish Blonde cocktail, Pappy Van Winkle Bourbon, Cognac, and Aperol Spritz cocktails. 

Wheat Centerpiece 

Find some dried wheat bundles and place them inside glass cloches to make your table centerpiece the envy of the neighborhood. This is another excellent idea from Good Housekeeping and is relatively inexpensive. And the best part is that once fall is over, you can replace the wheat with pine cones, red berries, or garland — whatever matches the season.

DIY kitchen wall art

The possibilities are endless here. Our friends at Country Living suggest turning baking tins into wall frames for things such as beloved family recipes, family photos, etc. The Prudent Penny Pincher also offers Christmas wall art ideas such as Christmas ribbon and bow cabinets, Christmas card displays on kitchen cabinets, and more.

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