Matt and Brooke Wright from ‘Naked And Afraid’ Fame are Still Head-Over-Heels For Their Custom Windmill Ceiling Fan

It was a typical weekday afternoon, and Matt and Brooke Wright found themselves standing in the middle of their brand-spanking-new custom home in southwest Florida. They had built their forever abode together, shimmying up to install every steel beam and drive in every nail, screw, and bolt throughout the 2,450 square-foot country-inspired property.  In a…

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Paul Harvey: The voice of America


There are certain people who are revered by so many that they will forever stand in a class by themselves. Paul Harvey is one of those people. He’s an institution, a pillar, the standard-bearer for all American radio and television personalities, commentators, and news columnists who came after him and aspired to be like him.…

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Rustic Windmill Ceiling Fans? What does that mean?


The term “rustic” is thrown around quite a bit these days to describe home decor and other accent pieces — including windmill ceiling fans. But surprising as it may sound, many people don’t know what that means exactly. Maybe they’ve got a vision of a log cabin dancing around in their head, or decor that’s…

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3 Ways to Save Energy this Summer


With increased air conditioning usage, it is time to start thinking now about additional ways to save energy this summer. We’d like to talk about three of those today: upgrading lighting, adding curtains, and getting a quality ceiling fan.

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