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Windmill Ceiling Fans

Horses Cool Off Easier with Windmill Ceiling Fans

Cooling Having ceiling fans in barns to help keep horses cool in summer is not a new idea, and it is much cheaper than installing air conditioning, especially if the barn is large with a very large air volume. Ceiling fans in barns are also a good idea for the health of your horses. They…

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What Makes Windmill Ceiling Fans the Best Choice?

polished copper

  There are many models of ceiling fans available from a wide variety of manufacturers. If you are a first time buyer, and you want to get the best, the choice can be difficult to make. We think the Windmill Ceiling Fans are the best, of course, but just saying so is not enough, so…

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Keeping Horses Cool and Comfortable

Enclosed Stalls Can Be Kept Cool Like most animals, horses become stressed and uncomfortable when they get too hot. In fact, a fully-grown horse working hard in very hot conditions can lose up to four gallons of sweat an hour! A horse at rest won’t lose that much liquid, of course, but when it’s hot,…

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Stylish Horse Barn Cooling Option

cooling horses in barn

Horse Barns Need Cooling Horses are stylish animals. They have curves and easy-flowing lines in all the right places, displaying strength, power and agility in a stylish, sleek body of pleasing proportions. It’s surely only right then that these beautiful animals should relax, eat and sleep in stylish surroundings. The horse stable should be more…

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Using Metals in Your Home Decor


When we think of home decor, we usually think in terms of fabrics and wood, with perhaps some plastics too. We don’t normally include metals in our home decor planning, but there is really no reason not to. Metals, if carefully and tastefully chosen, can add significantly to your home design, transforming it from the…

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Purchasing a Ceiling Fan

You should purchase the most energy efficient ceiling fan you can. There are three main factors that determine the energy efficiency of a fan. The first is the quality of the fan and how it is constructed. Look for a robust unit made from strong materials. The second factor is how much air the fan…

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Windmill History

The historical windmill design gave flexibility because the windmill can be turned to catch the most wind depending on the direction it is blowing. The blades were constructed by hand and placed at just the right angle to catch the most wind.   Windmills have changed little over the last hundred years. In fact, one…

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Ceiling Fan

Ceiling Fan In a nutshell, a ceiling fan circulates the air in a room, causing a gentle breeze that creates a “wind chill”effect. This helps to keep you cool on a hot day. If you are sweating slightly, and most people do on a hot day, the moving air caused by your ceiling fan will…

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